The 'Un-Cure' for Cancer Revealed

Little does most of the world know that in 1981 a new, monumental science of medicine was discovered and put forth in a post-doctoral thesis to the University of Tübingen in Germany by the medical doctor Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer. This "new medicine" revealed that cancer cell growth serves a biological function that occurs in a highly predictable manner!

This explains why the war on cancer has failed. Cancer cannot be fought, battled or combated successfully when it is part of the body’s biological programming. German New Medicine (GNM), as this "new medicine" has been named since "New Medicine" was already a registered entity, proves why we have the cancer response and how best to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

In layman’s terms, here are the Five Biological Laws of GNM:

1st Law:

A specific type of "conflict shock" will give rise to a predictable simultaneous result in the brain and in the body. For example, fear that you or someone you care for will die is a "death fright conflict" which prompts lung cancer.

2nd Law:

Every "disease" or biologically-functional program, runs in 2 phases, providing there is a resolution to the initial conflict. This means there will be a "conflict active" phase and a "conflict resolution" or healing phase.

3rd Law:

There is a distinct and predictable correlation between the organ affected and the response that occurs as part of the "disease" process. Certain organs and tissues of the body are controlled by the "old brain", the cerebellum and brain stem. Others are controlled by the "new brain", the cerebrum.

"Old brain" controlled tissues and organs produce cell growth, for example, a tumor, in the "conflict active" phase followed by cell or tissue loss in the healing phase. Alternatively, "new brain" controlled tissues and organs produce cell or tissue loss in the "conflict active" phase followed by cell growth in the healing phase.

4th Law:

The body creates and uses microbes such as fungi, bacteria and viruses in the "conflict resolution" phase to complete the healing, for example, tubercular bacteria breaks down a lung tumor.

5th Law:

Every "disease" is part of Significant Biologically Special (SBS) Program created to assist an organism, both humans and animals alike, in resolving a biological conflict. This author prefers to explain it as a "bio-emotional" conflict since it is at once both a biological and emotional conflict that sets the whole "disease" response moving. "Disease" is actually a misnomer. "Mother Nature" isn’t backfiring on us. She’s operating to help us.

Resolving the Cancer Response

When the above five laws are understood, it entirely changes the way we go about treating cancer. GNM isn’t suggesting we ignore cancer. It suggests we make sure to look at the environmental and psychological factors and resolve the issues that are creating the cancer response in the case of "old brain" controlled tissues and organs. It also purports, in the case of "new brain" controlled tissues and organs, that cancer be allowed to run its course as the cancer itself is repairing the body by replenishing lost cells.

The science and therapies of GNM provides us effective direction instead of the costly and sometimes deadly futility we see with current cancer treatments.

GNM is a solid science, not a flimsy theory. It has been verified numerous times by medical professionals worldwide and has never been disproven. Is it acceptable for us to carry on in a business-as-usual manner when we have this approach to treating cancer with a reputed 96% success rate?

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almost2sirius, posted on July 26, 2015

I know MD's who have admitted to me that what they were taught in medical schools was a very small tip of the iceberg; the larger bottom part of the iceberg is covered by Dr R.G. Hamer's discoveries.
Dr Larry Dossey put it the best in his " The mythology of science based medicine ... " article in the Huffington Post.
That being said, the diagnostic tools and the surgical advances in conventional medicine are an amazing achievement that can only command deep respect.
Perhaps the critics might want to try to research the big multi-billion dollar fines that the Pharmaceutical companies got in 2012; one got a 3 billion dollar fine with a rap sheet that makes mobsters look like angels: research data manipulation, suppression of the real facts, death threats to MD's and their families if they disclose those facts , etc... Their lack of ethical integrity makes one pause and wonder how truthful the whole allopathic paradigm with their Germ Theory really is. Dr Montagnier admitted he was unable to have a pure isolation of the HIV in 1997. In 2009 Dr Gallo, the fraud, admitted the same thing. Dr Montanier got the Nobel Price in 1998 and the required HIV continuing education seminars became unrequired after 2009.
We have blindly accepted everything the main stream media tells us about "science based medicine" news. The same media's lifeblood is dependent on the advertisement from the same pharmaceutical companies and will never make mention of the Pharma cartel's fraudulent, fabricated science.
MPURCELL85's link is filled with tautological thinking... meaning poor circular logic, redundant repetitive thinking meaning dogmatic nothings and only proving they're paid shills of a $3 trillion/year industry that will do anything to keep it running.
He should check the number of " iatrogenic deaths " every year in the US only. He probably believes also that vaccines should be made mandatory. All he needs to do is find out the ingredients in the flu vaccines: aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, insect cell DNA, dog cell DNA, ...
And you dare call the 5 biological laws quackery?
A big thank you to Dr Sonnenberg for sharing with us this medical model that, in Spain, is called the sacred medicine.
Nick Marini

almost2sirius, posted on July 25, 2015

Here's an article about science based medicine. I challenge the 2 yoga commentators below to read it.

mpurcell85, posted on July 18, 2015

I love this website for the yoga...but please leave science to the scientists. While I agree that any treatment of disease must be holistic, it is dangerous to suggest that all cancer is the same and will respond to some magic treatment. The "doctor" you are promoting is also an anti-semite. Please, PLEASE do not promote this quackery. "Never been disproven"?...I don't think so:

almost2sirius, posted on July 25, 2015

Here's another view of Science based medicine, in this case " The Mythology of science based medicine ".

k.lyndon, posted on July 20, 2015

I'm a little "put out" with these articles and such as well. I subscribed for the yoga.

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