What Is a Rising Sun? Libra to Pisces

Universally, everything is calculated to create the unique person that you are. The universe freezes for less than a second the instant you are born. This moment captures where in the galaxy the stars, planets, asteroids, etc. reside, which becomes a personal blueprint you at your disposal to help guide you for the rest of your life.

Your rising sign is often referred to as an ascending sign, because it is the sign that was coming up, moving, or transitioning through your chart’s first house/section at the exact time when you were born.

So in other words, it was crossed over/cusped with another sign. Think of it this way: when you see something like rising or ascending sign, it’s just which zodiac sign was coming up in your chart when you entered this planet. All you need to know is the exact date, time, and location of your birth. If you don’t have the exact time, then you can always use the standard 12 pm point in time. Learn more about rising signs in Astrology 101 - The 17 Essential Concepts You Must Know.

The Significance of Your rising Sign

Your rising sign is associated with how others view you when they first meet or interact with you. It is the first impression they receive until they get to know you better. Many think that this is all the rising sign does, but don’t be mistaken.

Your rising sign has influence on everything you do; it doesn’t define you but will always set the stage for conversations and opportunities.

To further explain let’s take a person whose birth date is June 11th and they have a rising sign in Capricorn. According to the zodiac, they are a Gemini, and according to the time and location they were born it was determined that the rising sign was in Capricorn.

It is safe to say that when you first meet this person you may notice that they can seem introverted and take things personally. But remember, these are just the initial impressions. This mask that the person consciously or unconsciously shows comes off with time, and you will see other traits that many times have nothing to do with Capricorn energy. This is not to say that the person is not being genuine from the beginning, but more cautious with themselves until they feel comfortable.

Alternatively, many use their rising sign to their advantage. Let’s go back to that Gemini with ascending Capricorn. Let’s say they start a new job. They can use Capricorn’s strong will and quiet nature in conjunction with Gemini’s witty mentality and social skills to set stability for long-term employment.

So you see, collectively everything is calculated specifically for you, and knowing this information will give you the tools you need in this lifetime. Create your own opportunities by knowing your rising (ascending) sign, and watch how it personally benefits your life.

Common traits for each Rising sign

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Rising sign in Libra

Those who have a rising sign in Libra are not quick when it comes to making important decisions. They are consciously aware of their reputation and will defend it at all costs. They are free thinkers and love to authentically be themselves. They don't like failure and therefore are very independent. They can always manage to steer clear of difficulties. Male rising sign Libras can be unclear with their thoughts and communicate better with writing. Female rising sign Libras like to express themselves creatively. Both value honesty, hard work, and beauty. They like attending and creating social events. They also like to see/experience new things in life and will always try to enhance their knowledge with travel.

Rising sign in Scorpio

Those who have a rising sign in Scorpio like consistency. They have a spontaneous nature and do things out of comfort rather than pressure. They dislike those who take advantage of someone whom they feel is helpless. Overall, they love the innocence of a child and would prefer to spend time with children rather than adults. Many times they feel nostalgic and tend to go back to old habits and/or lovers. But they also break this cycle by spending time alone and figuring out what it is they do and don’t want in life. Male rising sign Scorpios most often like to express feeling through music or writing. Female Scorpios like to have fun despite their worries. Both work well with their hands.

Rising sign in Sagittarius

Those who have a rising sign in Sagittarius love their homes. They work hard to create a safe atmosphere and are always looking for ways to make improvements. Usually they have a dual personality, which at times can push others away from them. They have a very loving nature and feel a great sense of reward in knowing they helped someone in need. Male rising sign Sagittarius like to save for a rainy day. Female rising sign Sagittarius are open to having new experiences. Both tend to excel in careers that they know are unique. They love being their own boss and would benefit in fields of real estate, business owners, religious leadership, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical technicians.

Rising sign in Capricorn

If you have your rising sign in Capricorn, you are a laid back kind of person. You tend to keep cool, calm, and collected despite the chaos going on around you. Somehow this is a defense that you have, because when you finally are alone you break down and start your own healing. The ability to do this helps plenty in your life, and that is why people love to love you. Male rising sign Capricorns at first can come off as lazy but they usually overcome this with age. Female rising sign Capricorns have a pleasant personality and few will ever know the real them. Both are great people to know and excel in careers in dentistry, electronics, spirituality, jewelers, and speech therapy.

Rising sign in Aquarius

The ones who have a rising sign in Aquarius tend to break normal logic. They are free spirits, and this tends to guide them in having futuristic ideas. Others usually cannot keep up with these innovative thinkers and dismiss them as being mentally unstable. Often they venture toward careers having to do with construction, technology, writing, counseling, and foot therapy. Male rising sign Aquarius tend to procrastinate but in the end get the job done. Female rising sign Aquarius like to think outside the box. Both have great potential in dance, theatrical entertainment, and design. They also love to cook and keep a nice home. Their social circle is large, and they do not discriminate against the less fortunate.

Rising sign in Pisces

If your rising sign is Pisces, you have a sweet personality. You look at things differently and this attracts all different types of people to your social circle. You dream big and aren't afraid to take financial risks. You spend a lot of time alone, but this can only be because you need to recharge your mental and physical batteries. You like spending time with family and respect those who are able to communicate with love. Male rising sign Pisces are rough yet loving and aren't afraid to show their weaknesses. Female rising sign Pisces are good listeners and give great advice. Both tend to be moody but have genuine personalities. They do great in careers that deal with fighting for justice and only wish to put an end to bullying, harassment, domestic violence, and police brutality.

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