Yoga for the Business World

As a regular yoga practitioner getting to a morning or an evening class before or after work is the only way many of us manage to get our daily practice in between our demanding work and social lives. For me I know this is definitely the case, but luckily my hours are more flexible than most, which makes getting on my mat once a day a little easier.

What I’ve noticed while getting changed for class is that yoga has become extremely popular among business people and working professionals. As I lie on my mat ready for class to begin I see many other stressed out workaholics like myself searching for a way to wind down and relax. Many international companies have seen the massive benefits yoga offers, and have started investing in corporate team-building yoga retreats to encourage “active relaxation". This has yet to take off in South Africa, but I’ll be sure to take it up with my boss at our next company review.

For many professionals life at work is full of distractions, yet yoga provides an opportunity to regain their focus. This might be the reason why yoga is catching on and becoming increasingly popular at many big corporations. Nike, HBO, Forbes, and Apple all offer on-site yoga classes for their employees and many other Fortune 500 companies consider yoga important enough to offer classes as a regular employee benefit. Now that’s a place I’d like to work.

More and more companies are starting to encourage employees to release stress and take part in activities like yoga. So, listen up company owners, employers, managers and bosses out there: why not plan your next company team-building event to involve yoga? The benefits and skills your employees walk away with will far surpass any company (liquid) lunch you were planning. When your employees are more relaxed and less stressed they are more focused, which ultimately means they do a better job. Everybody wins.


Megan Claire Bernstein is a Social Media strategist and New Business Developer. ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’ definitely stands true for this little lady, who is under five feet, yet bursting with energy, passion and drive. A Cape Town girl through and through, Megan is a lover of coffee and yoga, two things she barely goes a day without.


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JennyBean, posted on March 30, 2013

Do you think Nike offers yoga classes in its overseas sweatshops? Probably not. How about Yoga for the venture capitalists?

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