The Yoga Remedy

"If Not Now, Tell Me When," by Carrie Newcomer is one of my favorite songs. The song title says it all. When people find out I am a yoga teacher, I somehow bring out the guilt in them and they share with me the reasons why they don't do yoga, or at least...not now. Here are the top four comments I hear:

1. I'll do yoga when I feel better.

2. When my life slows down, I'll come back to yoga.

3. I can't touch my toes.

4. I have chronic "fill-in-the-blank"...

What most people forget is that yoga is a healing modality. What does that mean? It means yoga is a remedy. If you are sick, you would take your medicine to get better, right? That is what yoga does. It helps you breathe through pain, calms you in stressful times, and especially if you have a chronic condition, it helps you bear the weight of that heavy load. Remember, just a few yoga stretches and some deep breathing every day can improve your health - just like your daily vitamins!

Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT Yoga Studio Owner and CEO and Executive Producer of studied under the tutelage of octogenarian yoga teacher, Mary Cavanaugh. Sherry came to yoga after years of computer-related work stress and thousands of dollars in chiropractic bills. She offers her students a guided approach to the body/mind connection and specializes in Gentle, Senior, Chair Yoga.


Website: Yoga Journey Productions

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Twitter: @YogaFor55Plus

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