You Are Enough!

I have been on a path of seeking for a long time, always looking for ways to "improve" myself or make myself seen and heard through a world of many voices that seem to drown out the ones who have the most to share. That’s the way I’ve been feeling for a long time. I feel like I have so much to say and so much that isn’t being heard, and that makes me anxious. It puts me in a place of resistance and pushing myself to get "results" in my life.

But that is my ego talking, and I’m realizing that now. It’s not comfortable to uncover that layer of myself as I write this. I’m realizing that no matter how much that voice tries to tell me I’m not enough, just being here on the planet right now is enough.

Even as I write these words, part of me doesn’t believe it, because I have such strong desire to be something BIG and shine brightly for many to see and be inspired by. I am reminding myself and you, dear readers, that you are enough right now. In fact, you are much more than that; you are magnificent! Do you believe that? Do you feel beaten down and have too many battle scars to get back up and look at yourself with pride and joy?

Stop holding yourself in the future tense. "Maybe one day I will achieve an abundant life, have the relationship that I want, and get a job that pays well and I enjoy". Why not remind yourself "I am abundant, I am the creator of my reality, and I choose to reflect externally all those beautiful qualities that I know I deserve to live. I am, by default, an abundant eternal source of joy, love, and desire, just waiting to be discovered by my human self. I am here to be present with my true nature, and to walk that journey of discovery. I release myself from the need to get it right on the first try!"

Live in the Now

That’s a lot of pressure, don’t you think? Stop living in the future! I’m speaking to myself right now, too. Live here now and remember that your presence right NOW is impacting so many lives.

Do you live consciously and show up 100% every day, even if it is just being present with the cashier at the grocery store? I know I don’t do that…and I will be honest about that. I dream about traveling, hitting it big time on Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday, and giving talks to a big room of people.

I want to shine and share with the world. But I don’t think much about shining just as I am, where I am now. I don’t think about shining just for me, in my room by myself. I don’t feel that’s enough. Why do I still believe that?

Let yourself see that even when you feel you are at rock bottom and you cannot possibly sink lower, that light within your heart that pierces through the dark tunnel and reminds you that you are eternal, and you have the choice to find a new potential.

Experience the Dark Points

You can’t see your true potential without rising from the ashes like the phoenix. You must experience the darkness, the self-doubt, and the trials and tribulations in order to rise into the grandness that is the real you! You have to be willing to go into the depths of your soul and to go through the darkness of fear, doubt, worry, rejection, and all the illusions of the self in order to rise above.

You need to love the dark moments in your life that feel uncomfortable and painful. You have to see it all as beautiful reminders that you are human, and that all those battle scars make you the strong warrior that you have become! It’s time for you to start showcasing that for all to see.

Seek Internal, not External Validation

Show the world that you are strong because you believe in you, and you shine just for you. You don’t need anyone else to prove to you that you are who you know you are deep inside.

Your presence matters so much, and your light is so bright no matter how much you feel you haven’t shared or accomplished in your life. If the desire is there to share more, then start seeing and acknowledging the beauty of yourself within yourself, and you will start to see the world responding to you.

This is a message for myself as I am writing to all of you. I am reminding myself to stop living in the future. To stop waiting for a time where I’ll be seen as a "public figure." To stop waiting for a day that I feel will really mean something in my life. What does my presence mean today then? Am I chopped liver today? No way!

What I’m sharing now and realizing now within myself is just as powerful. I can’t share my full self with the world until I start living for me. Being on TV means nothing if you can’t realize your true light within yourself with nobody else watching you.

So here I am saying to you, your time is NOW, not later! You are enough NOW! Whatever it is you want to fulfill, look within, not without. You’ve got it all. I love you all.

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