Your Inner Teacher: Inspiration from Within

Being a Yoga teacher is blessing in how I can provide my views and guidance through the joyfulness of flows, breathwork, and meditation. One of my main goals within each practice is to bring the students to some new point of inspiration or understanding of themselves that is relevant to that moment as well as for the rest of their day. But what becomes a profound moment for me in the class is when students actually begin to inspire me.

What is this inspiration? For me, this is when the student is no longer following the instructions, no longer passively existing in the flows, but instead engages one's experience and embraces the senses and responses. I deeply respect one of the basic philosophies of martial arts which emphasizes that the goal of the student is to become willfully engaged in one's practice and to experience enough personal growth within that art that he/she eventually becomes a teacher himself.

Just attending a class and performing Yoga poses is not Yoga. Understanding the function of poses, the purpose of breath, the benefits of a complete practice, and having these experiences actively transform the body, mind, and soul IS Yoga. How amazing it is to see the students who absorb the knowledge and technique behind the practice versus the ones who allow their teacher to be their sole method of guidance.

How inspiring it is to see these students adjust and explore in their postures because of the knowledge they retained and applied in previous practices. How beautiful it is to observe a student completely change to a different posture or transition because that student is LISTENING to his/her body first instead of simply performing my suggested cues. These students are finding their Inner Teacher, a guidance system of muscle and sensory receptors along with the vibrational responses of the Inner Self. They are finding the true integrity of the pose while exploring what lasting effect this immediate experience can play in the daily life. These students are discovering empowerment and confidence to CHOOSE what is proper for them in that practice and in fact giving themselves the right to question/analyze the instructions that are being offered.

Tune into and connect with your Inner Teacher and allow this wondrous Guide to develop your critical awareness. Truly understand the how's and why's of each Yoga exercise, and let your Inner Teacher establish the personal purpose of that exercise. Allow questions and sensations to come to the surface within the practice rather than existing in a dull, passive state. Find the unique energies of being with your Inner Teacher and take in the abundant growth that is potentially being offered with each lesson.

Observe. Feel. Explore. Reveal.

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