Your Yoga Practice Level

In order to practice Yoga with integrity and safety, you should preview videos to determine if the Level demonstrated is appropriate for you. The following is a description of the practice levels:

All Levels:  Perfect for everyone, accessible to all...but this does not mean that the class will be easy!  Always practice at your own pace and take the level of each pose that is suited to you. Many 'slower' styles of yoga may initially seem less physically demanding;   but are actually highly powerful processes that will move into aspects of body, mind, and breath that offer deep benefits for absolute beginners,  and seasoned yogis alike.

Beginner: Designed for those who are new to Yoga and who need to develop an understanding of postures and a foundation of bringing breath into the flows. Also ideal for those who wish to practice to a more gentle, relaxing flow.

Moderate: These practices begin to introduce a higher degree of physicality and energy-loading of muscle groups. More variations in the level of depth in postures are offered. Some prior Yoga experience and knowledge is recommended.

Intermediate: These practices begin to move into more advanced postures and transitions. Modifications are often provided for those moving forward from Level 2, but prior Yoga experience and a solid foundation in breath utilization is highly recommended.

Advanced: These practices flow with advanced postures in both strength and flexibility. These lessons should only be attempted by experienced students with a regular, consistent practice. Before performing these practices, prior Yoga experience and foundation training is needed.

Allow yourself the time to familiarize yourself with various classes. Make your practices enjoyable by letting go of ego or expectations and listening to your body's responses from one posture to the next. Respect the uniqueness of your body and how you should adjust your practice to suit this individuality. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the practice lessons and your readiness to perform them.

Kreg Weiss is a co-founder of My Yoga Online and certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. Several years ago, Kreg discovered yoga while teaching health and fitness. Yoga dramatically transformed Kreg's approach to teaching health and wellness as well as changed his personal life bringing new direction in finding physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

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Jeannean, posted on March 5, 2013

I'm a beginner and sometimes my computer freezes but really need find out how to stretch and lose weight

mandykossCA, posted on March 15, 2012

my hips feel soooo good right now :) enjoyed the feeling 100%

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