Alberto Villoldo

A trained psychologist and medical anthropologist, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. began his research working with people who had mastered the journey beyond death in the Amazon. His investigations led him to the high mountains of the Andes, where he discovered a group of healers who specialized in treating the luminous energy field surrounding the body in order to prevent illness from physically manifesting.

Over the course of two decades with the shamans, Alberto Villoldo discovered that humans are more than flesh and bone. His works in the high mountains of the Andes led to the realization that we are fashioned of Spirit and light. This unending Luminous Energy Field exists in every cell of our bodies. Knowing this, Villoldo finds passion in teaching others to recognize and work with this awesome gift to change the very nature of our living.

After leaving the Amazon, Villoldo trekked the coast of Peru, from Nazca, the site of gigantic markings on the desert floor that depict geometric figures and power animals, to the fabled Shimbe lagoons in the north, home to the country?s most renowned sorcerers. In Lake Titicaca ? the Sea on Top of the World ? Villoldo collected the stories and healing practices of the people from which, the legends say, the Inca were born.

Through it all, Villoldo healed his own soul wounds and walked the path of the wounded healer. He learned to transform his own old pain, grief, anger and shame to sources of strength and compassion.

During this time, Villoldo discovered a set of sacred technologies that transform the body, heal the soul, and can change the way we live and the way we die.


    Healing the Luminous Body  Video
    Healing the Luminous Body
    72 minutes
    Alberto Villoldo, PhD., introduces and explains the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs our physical body like a blueprint of life. Join us as we travel to the Andes Mountains to learn the secret of the ancient ...
    Available worldwide
    Infinity: The Ultimate Trip Video
    Infinity: The Ultimate Trip (2009)
    93 minutes
    What happens after we pass from this world? Is there a life after this one? Or do we just disappear forever? These are the questions asked in this powerful and poignant feature documentary. We hear from several experts and ...
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    Shaman, Healer, Sage Video
    Shaman, Healer, Sage (2008)
    64 minutes
    During an expedition to the Andes, 25 years ago, Alberto Villoldo discovered something that would change his life and our understanding of spiritual healing. He explains, in his own words, his discovery of traditional Incan ...
    Available worldwide
    Shaman Healer Sage (Alberto Villoldo) Video
    Episode 54
    Shaman Healer Sage (Alberto Villoldo) (2001)Thinking Allowed
    Episode 54
    , 24 minutes
    Alberto Villoldo and host Jeffrey Mishlove discuss the power of systemic healing and the difference between cures and healing.
    Available worldwide
    Timewave 2013 Video
    Timewave 2013 (2008)
    88 minutes
    What lies ahead for the human race? Will we reach the destiny that awaits us?
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    Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval (Alberto Villoldo) Video
    Episode 21
    Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval (Alberto Villoldo) (2000)Omega
    Episode 21
    , 24 minutes
    Alberto Villoldo, renowned medical anthropologist, psychologist, and author of Dance the Four Winds, integrates shamanic healing with modern medicine, including energy healing and soul retrieval.
    Available worldwide
    Dance of the Four Winds (Alberto Villoldo) Video
    Episode 55
    Dance of the Four Winds (Alberto Villoldo) (2001)Thinking Allowed
    Episode 55
    , 24 minutes
    Dr. Alberto Villoldo discusses how the Shamanic approach to life, as lived by the Andean Incas of Peru, is a healing and powerful way to look at life and death, and how it relates to us.
    Available worldwide
    One Spirit Medicine with Alberto Villoldo – Part 1 Video
    Season 7, Episode 36
    One Spirit Medicine with Alberto Villoldo – Part 1 (July2015)Inspirations
    Season 7, Episode 36
    , 58 minutes
    The message of One Spirit Medicine is that you don’t need to track down a shaman to find spirit, or look outside yourself to find health. You only have to look within.
    Available worldwide
    One Spirit Medicine with Alberto Villoldo – Part 2 Video
    Season 7, Episode 37
    One Spirit Medicine with Alberto Villoldo – Part 2 (July 2015)Inspirations
    Season 7, Episode 37
    , 41 minutes
    Shamanic healer Alberto Villoldo and Lisa Garr continue their detailed conversation about shamanic medicine, discussing ways to re-program the longevity of the individual through the luminous body.
    Available worldwide
    2012 Science or Superstition Video
    2012 Science or Superstition (2008)
    78 minutes
    The 2012 meme has evolved beyond any debates about the relevance of the Maya Long Count calendar. Filmmaker Alexandra Bruce surveys the entire 2012 landscape, answering the most asked and important questions.
    Only available in Canada, United States

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