Anita Seiz

Anita comes from a background of dance in classical and contemporary styles. She has been teaching Pilates for over 11 years, having graduated from Boditree’s comprehensive program in 2002. In 2004, she graduated with distinction from Long Beach Dance Conditioning’s Advances in Pilates Technique training under Master Instructor, Marie-Jose Blom. This deeply added to her existing experience and prompted further study under Eric Franklin. In 2005, she certified in the Franklin Method, emphasizing postural and biomechanical imagery techniques. Imagery supports her work in movement re-patterning and expanding clients access to movement potential. 

Anita received her certificate in Laban Movement Analysis (2008) through the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS). She had the rare opportunity to assist and guest instruct on the Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies Canada (LSSC) Vancouver program under the Direction of Janet Kaylo (2009/10). LMA provides a broad perception through which to observe, cue, and dialogue about movement.

Most recently (2011) she studied with Elise Miller, renowned Yoga for Scoliosis teacher and certified in Restorative Yoga under Wendy Eyton.

She is currently teaching at Line 5 Pilates as well as working with clients who have scoliosis in conjunction with Martha Carter’s Twisted Outreach Project.

Anita is a long time contributor to My Yoga Online and serves on the board of DanceHouse.


Anita is head Pilates Trainer for YYoga's Teacher's College.  Please see more details here: Website: Facebook: Anita Seiz, Pilates Instructor & Movement Analyst



    Yoga and Pilates Fusion Flow Video
    Yoga and Pilates Fusion Flow (March 2012)
    34 minutes
    Yoga and Pilates Fusion with Anita Seiz. Combining the best of both practices! This practice is great cross training for those who want to integrate a focus on core strengthening into their Yoga practice. The focus of this ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates with a Focus on Core and Arm Toning Video
    Pilates with a Focus on Core and Arm Toning (November 2010)
    15 minutes
    Our arms belong to our center of levity, in our chest.  In this class with Anita Seiz, we will focus on the connection of our arms to our mid-back as well as the mobility of the collar bones and shoulder blades for ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates and Hatha Fusion Video
    Pilates and Hatha Fusion (February 2012)
    16 minutes
    In this short, gentle sequence, Anita Seiz blends the meditative qualities of Hatha yoga with some fundamental Pilates repertoire to provide a simple sequence leaving you feeling open and centered. Your spine, shoulder girdle ...
    Available worldwide
    Classical Ballet Barre a Terre Influenced Pilates Video
    Classical Ballet Barre a Terre Influenced Pilates (August 2011)
    38 minutes
    This sequence with Anita Seiz combines the core strengthening focus of Pilates with Classical Ballet repertoire found in Barre a Terre. Being on the ground brings dancers into a different relationship to gravity compared to ...
    Available worldwide
    Massage and Release Work on the Foam Roller Video
    Massage and Release Work on the Foam Roller (December 2012)
    23 minutes
    In this massage and release class with Anita Seiz, we'll first move through a foam roller massage sequence that will melt away superficial tension holding. Then we'll focus on releasing tension in our global joints, shoulders ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Flow Video
    Pilates Flow (October 2013)
    46 minutes
    Breathe into this dynamic pilates inspired flow from Anita Seiz. Make space in your hips, get limber through your limbs, and work your core!
    Available worldwide
    Contemporary Ballet Barre a Terre Inspired Pilates Video
    Contemporary Ballet Barre a Terre Inspired Pilates (August 2010)
    28 minutes
    This sequence with Anita Seiz blends contemporary dance movements with the core strengthening focus of Pilates. Sourcing stability for increased mobility is the focus as we move through a dynamic sequence that will leave you ...
    Available worldwide
    Pilates for Buns and Thighs Video
    Pilates for Buns and Thighs (March 2011)
    28 minutes
    This sequence with Anita Seiz focuses on our center of gravity, which lies in our pelvis. Increasing the awareness, connectivity, strength and range of motion available to us in our hips and pelvis will improve our everyday ...
    Available worldwide
    Dynamic Stabilization Pilates on the Foam Roller Video
    Dynamic Stabilization Pilates on the Foam Roller (April 2013)
    24 minutes
    Bring an extra challenge to your Pilates Mat practice with this foam roller class.
    Available worldwide
    Pilates with Resistance Video
    Pilates with Resistance (January 2012)
    36 minutes
    Therabands add resistance and support to the Pilates repertoire. Elastic resistance is great for toning concentrically and eccentrically through specific ranges of motion, adding an extra challenge to your Pilates practice.
    Available worldwide
    Pilates on the bolster Video
    Pilates on the bolster (June 2012)
    40 minutes
    This Pilates class with Anita Seiz involves using a bolster. Using a bolster creates leveraging opportunities and we can move farther into a supported range of motion and access deeper connectivity. Plus it just feels so good!
    Available worldwide
    Balance Work on the Foam Roller Video
    Balance Work on the Foam Roller (January 2013)
    13 minutes
    Balancing develops our proprioception and wakes up our deep intrinsic tissues responsible for joint positioning. The foam roller is a dynamic surface and as such can facilitate our connection to our core muscles.
    Available worldwide


    General Yoga
    October 10, 2010
    When I’m working one on one with clients, so much of what I observe is coping mechanisms.  When I’m taking someone through a movement process, I can see whether they are comfortable and supporting themselves well, or if they’re struggling. The...

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    dianAH_2, posted on March 22, 2016

    Anita, just wanted you to know I've exhausted all your classes on Gaia multiple times over in the past 2 years. I loooooove your classes (you're certainly one of my go-to's here) and I hope to see more new ones from you soon!!! I like the longer ones, like 30-45 min (an hour would be great too), so I hope you have some of those in the works. ;-) I hope your career is going fabulously! xo Thank you for sharing yourself, I'm over here appreciating it! Diana

    anitaseiz, posted on March 22, 2016

    Hello Diana,
    Thank you so much for your feedback!
    I do hope to make more videos on Gaia - some more long ones for people like you!
    Stay tuned,

    katiejoyduke, posted on December 15, 2015

    Anita mentioned in the first postnatal pilates video that it was the "first" of three but I can't find 2 and 3. Did she ever make those videos? Thanks, Katie

    anitaseiz, posted on December 15, 2015

    Hi Katie,

    Nice to hear from you!
    Yes - we filmed all 3 post-natal videos together but only 1 of the 3 has been released. There is an "upper body" video that focuses on chest opening and mid-back strengthening and a "lower body" video that focuses on pelvic and leg strength/support.
    I hope they get released as other users have asked about them too!
    Also - you can use the core strengthening skills (ascending contraction) while doing other videos.
    If you feel a bulging outward/downward pressure in your abdomen/pelvic floor then you're not connected enough or strong enough (YET!) to do that movement. Go slower or modify. Deep support takes time and is subtle!


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