Annie Carpenter

A true "teacher's teacher," Annie Carpenter's evolved method of instruction has developed into an intelligent, organic SmartFLOW - a marrying of flowing movement with rigorous alignment and discipline.

Carpenter believes that focus on alignment creates a safer experience and provides ?points of dharana? -- gateways to inner stillness and compassion. Carpenter leads public classes, in-depth workshops and SmartFLOW teacher trainings at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA.

Widely respected in the yoga community, Annie Carpenter continues to travel the world, presenting at festivals, studios, and conferences. Her direct yet compassionate nature brings a distinctive style to every class. Carpenter is the author of ?RelaxDEEPLY?, a CD of restorative yoga, and ? Yoga for Total Back Care? a DVD produced by Yoga Journal, and is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal.


    Sunset Release Video
    Sunset Release (November 2013)
    24 minutes
    This restorative class from Annie Carpenter is the perfect gentle practice for late in the evening. With an emphasis on releasing tension through the chest, low back, hips, and pelvic areas, this video is sure to help you ...
    Available worldwide
    Relax Deeply Restorative Yoga Video
    Relax Deeply Restorative Yoga (October 2012)
    91 minutes
    Slow down, way down with Annie Carpenter in this all-levels completely restorative practice.
    Available worldwide
    Twist and Shout Video
    Twist and Shout (October 2013)
    44 minutes
    This flowing sequence from Annie Carpenter integrates a smart use of cueing and instructions to bring you deeper into your practice.
    Available worldwide
    Jetlag Sequence Video
    Jetlag Sequence (July 2013)
    36 minutes
    This practice with Annie Carpenter will gently open your hips and hamstrings and stabilize your sacrum and lower back. Perfect after traveling or too much sitting; you’ll feel both grounded and released.
    Available worldwide
    Standing Pose Lab Video
    Standing Pose Lab (November 2012)
    111 minutes
    Annie Carpenter leads a standing pose lab. Standing poses make up the majority of Yoga Asana practice for the first 10 or more years of steady practice, teaching us to align and strengthen our legs as the base for a healthy ...
    Available worldwide
    The Kleshas: Working with the Obstacles Video
    The Kleshas: Working with the Obstacles (March 2013)
    86 minutes
    This talk with Annie Carpenter is all about the Kelshas. The Kleshas are the rocks in our path that keep us from achieving our most heart-felt goals.They are born of the fear that darkens our inner-light and blinds us to true ...
    Available worldwide

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