Cameron Gilley

Receiving his certification in Hatha yoga in 2002, Cameron Gilley is dedicated to creating a space for students to access their own innate presence through posture, flow, breath and awareness.

Drawing from his experience in Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Power yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts, Cameron's classes are both a 'workout' and a 'work-in.'

Teaching for almost 15 years, Cameron Gilley whole-heartedly believes in the transformative power of yoga. In each class, he devotes his energy to passionately sharing the liberating and life-affirming bliss that is yoga. Whatever your walk of life, he invites you to come experience for yourself the pleasant echo of your own efforts resonating within you.


    Twist Your Way to Bliss Video
    Twist Your Way to Bliss (July 2011)
    23 minutes
    A short but sweet yoga flow class with Cameron Gilley, focusing on gentle twists to release the spine. A great yoga flow first thing in the morning for a gentle, yet energizing start to the day. Also great before bed, to ...
    Available worldwide
    Deep Release Yin Yoga Video
    Deep Release Yin Yoga (June 2011)
    46 minutes
    A classic series of Yin Yoga postures with Cameron Gilley designed for deep release of the connective tissues, hips and spine. A great practice to balance more dynamic styles. The long holds of the postures make the practice ...
    Available worldwide
    Smooth Awakening Hatha/Yin Video
    Smooth Awakening Hatha/Yin (September 2014)
    21 minutes
    Roll out of bed and onto your mat with this gentle fusion of yin and hatha yoga designed to ease you into your morning with Cameron Gilley.
    Available worldwide
    Deep Stillness Yin Yoga Video
    Deep Stillness Yin Yoga (October 2014)
    24 minutes
    Cameron Gilley guides a deep exploration of this transformative yin practice with plenty of time in poses to find that peaceful state of stillness within.
    Available worldwide
    Mountain Top Yin Video
    Mountain Top Yin (November 2012)
    28 minutes
    An all levels exploration of some delicious Yin Yoga postures with Cameron Gilley, filmed in the Rocky Mountains (10,000 feet)! Feel the peace and ease of this wonderful flow.
    Available worldwide
    Sleep Tight Restorative Yin Flow Video
    Sleep Tight Restorative Yin Flow
    61 minutes
    This class from Cameron Gilley is a combination of yin and restorative postures meant to deeply relax the body and mind. Surrender to gravity and calm down before letting go into sleep.
    Available worldwide
    Slow Burn Hatha Yoga Video
    Slow Burn Hatha Yoga (September 2011)
    44 minutes
    This moderate Hatha class with Cameron Gilley is a slightly more challenging sequence of postures leading to a very relaxing Savasana. A balanced class, blending stretch and strengthening, a great slow build that will make ...
    Available worldwide
    Flow with Grace Video
    Flow with Grace (January 2012)
    34 minutes
    An all levels hatha yoga class with Cameron Gilley geared for anyone from an absolute beginner to an experience yogi looking for a slower, more conscientious practice. Great for shedding the stress of the day through deep ...
    Available worldwide
    Back to Basics Hatha Video
    Back to Basics Hatha (November 2014)
    29 minutes
    Join Cameron Gilley for this short, sweet, and simple flow of some basic hatha yoga postures.
    Available worldwide
    Hatha Foundations Video
    Hatha Foundations (October 2014)
    43 minutes
    This class with Cameron Gilley is focused on developing the foundations of a safe and empowering hatha yoga practice.
    Available worldwide
    Get Your Chi Gong On Video
    Get Your Chi Gong On (September 2012)
    12 minutes
    A taste test of some energizing chi gong exercises with Cameron Gilley, followed up by a 2 minute guided meditation. A great way to introduce yourself to the magic of chi gong. Very energizing and calming. 10 minutes Mini ...
    Available worldwide
    Burst of Gratitude Hatha Yoga Video
    Burst of Gratitude Hatha Yoga (December 2013)
    26 minutes
    This class from Cameron Gilley is a quick and flowing basic hatha yoga practice to help open the heart and reconnect to a deep sense of gratitude. This practice is part of our Gratitude Guide.
    Available worldwide

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    roy.halpin, posted on September 21, 2016

    Cameron's super ability is communication. I have been practicing Yoga for a number of years now. Reviewed many instructors. Practiced a number of style of Yoga practices. Hatha and Yin Yoga is what is right for me. There are many instructors but none that have seen that special ability to communicate. It blows my mind why his practice is so hard to find here in Gaia. He should always be on your front page of the Yoga programs. He also considers those that do not have his abilities, body style or years in practice. If you are a beginner this is the best place to start. If more advanced a great home page for your foundation. If you want to stay in a Yoga practice for the long term and it's not just a fad or you think it is the inn thing to do. If spiritual growth is in your plan Cameron's sessions should be your foundation. My advise always have a beginner's mind.

    sallyskr1, posted on March 8, 2016

    Love your style of yoga. You give clear directions and encouragement to play with the edge without overdoing. I've tried some of the others on Gaia, but so far, you are my favorite!

    dajara, posted on June 6, 2015

    Hi Cameron,
    I want to thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge the way you do. Your videos are some of the ones I practice with the most for several reasons. I get a sense of clarity, accomplishment, and peace like no other during and after a session.
    I too have a growing passion for all things yoga. When I am unable to physically practice yoga due to familial or other responsibilities, I am studying about yoga.
    This is all leading to a question. I want very much so to study yoga in depth and perhaps share my passion as well. I am unable to commit to the time constraints of an on site training. My research has lead me to the Aura Wellness Center in MA. I have followed many links, spoken with the Yoga Alliance and emailed several people that have left testimonies singing Dr. Paul Jerad's curriculum.
    Ok, here we go my question you have any knowledge or input of his work and /or program?
    It seems to be rock solid. I would love to get my 200 RYT certification so I could begin my journey and perhaps get my foot in the door here in Louisville,Ky. At a studio to continue with contact hours and gain experience in that way as well.
    Thank you again for sharing the love and for any input you may have.
    Dawn Jewell

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