Christine Price Clark

Christine is a certified Anusara® yoga instructor. She began studying Anusara Yoga in 2004 and has taught widely in Manhattan and Brooklyn before relocating to Vancouver in 2006. Currently living in Vancouver, BC, she teaches locally at YYOGA and privately to a growing community of warm, vibrant and committed students, many of whom are teachers themselves . 

Christine remains a student of Anusara founder, John Friend and certified teachers Christina Sell, Chris Chavez and Desiree Rumbaugh, to name a few. I bow to the little feet of my daughter, Olive, for keeping it real and for affirming that life is indeed beautiful.


Twitter: @christinepricec


    Anusara Yoga: Remembering the Source Video
    Anusara Yoga: Remembering the Source (September 2011)
    75 minutes
    A dynamic and moving practice with Christine Price Clark of hip openers, arm balances and backbends. With focus on opening the hips and shoulders, connecting the front to the back body for increased awareness and support of ...
    Available worldwide
    Coming Home: Anusara Yoga Video
    Coming Home: Anusara Yoga (December 2010)
    29 minutes
    A grounding practice of basic standing poses, shoulder openers, and seated poses to renew and restore the body after travel or a long day at the office. Great for stress, post-travel/post-work, and calming.
    Available worldwide
    Purposeful Transition Headstand Flow Video
    Purposeful Transition Headstand Flow (November 2013)
    54 minutes
    This class from Christine Price Clark is a full-spectrum, elegant, and creative practice culminating in a flow that interweaves some of the great and bold asana. These include headstand, full side plank, the full splits, ...
    Available worldwide
    Muscular and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga Video
    Muscular and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga (January 2010)
    64 minutes
    Explore the pulsation of Muscular and Organic energy to bring you into dynamic balance with Christine Price Clark. Before we can express ourselves to our fullest and most authentic capacity, we draw knowingly into the middle, ...
    Available worldwide
    Awaken Your Will Video
    Awaken Your Will (September 2013)
    34 minutes
    A vigorous practice to awaken your desire from Christine Price Clark. This class is inspired by the mythic figure of Kamadeva, the Hindu St. Valentine, with the intention of enlivening the third chakra to get moving and get ...
    Available worldwide
    Anusara: Come as You Are Video
    Anusara: Come as You Are (November 2011)
    63 minutes
    A foundation focused class with Christine Price Clark that contains all categories of postures, including sun salutation, standing, hip opening poses and some backbends. All postures are from the Level 1 Syllabus of Anusara ...
    Available worldwide
    Inner and Outer Spiral Anusara Yoga Video
    Inner and Outer Spiral Anusara Yoga (January 2010)
    64 minutes
    In the practice of Anusara Yoga™ with Christine Prize Clark, the back of the body represents a universal energy, while the front body, a more individual energy. With the practice of moving both physically and emotionally ...
    Available worldwide
    Anusara Flow: Don't Wake the Baby Video
    Anusara Flow: Don't Wake the Baby (February 2011)
    43 minutes
    This dynamic flow with Christine Price Clark is especially for moms, or those with little time for themselves. Light your fire. Play deeply. Reveal your dynamic and alive self. And do it all while your little one naps. Finish ...
    Available worldwide
    Clear Boundaries and No Limits Video
    Clear Boundaries and No Limits (April 2012)
    124 minutes
    Join us for this very special opportunity to practice yoga amongst inspiring artworks! This workshop is offered in partnership with the Contemporary Art Gallery as they present the first solo exhibition in North America of the ...
    Available worldwide

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