Corey Goode

Co-host of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode is an intuitive empath (IE) with precognitive abilities, who currently works in the information technology and communications industries.

Identifying his talents at an early age, Corey Goode was recruited to a MILAB Program, a term coined for the military abduction of a person that is indoctrinated and trained for black ops programs, at six years old. Goode continued his work in the MILAB program for nearly ten years, with his IE abilities playing an important role, especially when assigned to an intuitive empath support role for a rotating earth delegate seat (shared by Secret Earth Government Groups) in a ?Human Type? ET Super Federation Council.

Goode moved on to use his IE abilities for interfacing, or communicating with Non-Terrestrial Beings, as part of one of the Secret Space Programs (SSPs). During a "20 and back" agreement from 1987-2007, he carried out a variety of assignments including the Intruder Intercept Interrogation Program and his assignment to the ASSR ?ISRV? ? Auxiliary Specialized Space Research, Interstellar-Class Vessel.

From 2007 to 2012, Corey Goode served in the Texas Army State Guard, C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computation & Intelligence) - unrelated to the Secret Space Program Service. Today, Goode has accrued 20 years? experience in Hardware and Software Virtualization, physical and IT security, counter electronic surveillance, risk assessment, and executive protection.

Today, he continues his IE work and is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avians (of the Sphere Being Alliance) who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET Federations and Councils on their behalf and liaison with the SSP Alliance Council.

Goode uses his time with the Blue Avians to continue his precog work to deliver meaningful messages to humanity.


    Encounters with Ancient Sentinels Video
    Season 6, Episode 3
    Encounters with Ancient Sentinels (September 2016)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 6, Episode 3
    , 30 minutes
    After his first failed visit to Venus, Corey Goode is finally granted access to the halls of a working Ancient Builder race facility located on the fiery planet where he encounters an ancient Sentinel being. Then, a quick trip ...
    Available worldwide
    The Message for Humankind Video
    Season 1, Episode 1
    The Message for Humankind (July 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 1
    , 32 minutes
    For the first time ever, a 30-year insider has come forward to reveal over 70 years of humanity’s hidden history in space. Corey Goode joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to offer an ...
    Available worldwide
    The Return of Gonzales Video
    Season 6, Episode 2
    The Return of Gonzales (September 2016)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 6, Episode 2
    , 36 minutes
    Corey Goode is taken on another spontaneous meeting with the Sphere Being Alliance to reunite him with a fully rejuvenated and renewed Gonzales. While the meeting is cordial and pleasant, the information Gonzales conveys is dire.
    Available worldwide
    First Encounter Video
    Season 1, Episode 2
    First Encounter (July 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 2
    , 42 minutes
    Extraordinary changes are already underway for planet and people, and an alliance of advanced civilizations have come to serve as guides for our collective transformation. Corey Goode recounts when his first encounter with the ...
    Available worldwide
    The Earth Alliance Strikes Back Video
    Season 6, Episode 1
    The Earth Alliance Strikes Back (September 2016)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 6, Episode 1
    , 33 minutes
    Corey Goode returns with an update of his adventures off-world amid reports of unknown ships flying over Antarctica attacking Dark Fleet ships in a bid to tip the balance of power. It seems that factions of the Earth Alliance ...
    Available worldwide
    We are One Video
    Season 1, Episode 5
    We are One (July 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 5
    , 37 minutes
    Despite the idealized existence promised by advanced technology, life in an advanced civilization would be shallow without the benefit of heightened consciousness. Cory Goode relays the spiritual message from the Blue Avians ...
    Available worldwide
    Lunar Operations Command Video
    Season 1, Episode 3
    Lunar Operations Command (July 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 3
    , 31 minutes
    According to our insider, many people already live and work in bases embedded under the lunar surface. But this is just one integral part of five active secret space programs. Corey Goode discloses five secret space programs ...
    Available worldwide
    Life on the Research Vessel Video
    Season 1, Episode 4
    Life on the Research Vessel (July 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 4
    , 30 minutes
    How glorious it must be to participate in the epic voyage of a great spaceship capable of traversing the cosmos. At least, that is what science fiction has led us to believe. Corey Goode discusses his day-to-day life and ...
    Available worldwide
    Special Report: Mars Colony Inspection Video
    Season 1, Episode 7
    Special Report: Mars Colony Inspection (August 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 7
    , 56 minutes
    We interrupt the stream of disclosure with this special report to bring you fresh information. Corey Goode’s recounts his harrowing encounters with a recent inspection of a secret industrial facility on Mars which had been ...
    Available worldwide
    Sleeping Giants Video
    Season 1, Episode 6
    Sleeping Giants (August 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 6
    , 29 minutes
    Corey Goode reveals the mysteries of the Ancient Builder Race’s technology, the sleeping giants and what their awakening heralds for humanity. Eons later, scattered among the ruins, a younger race of giant redheaded beings use ...
    Available worldwide
    Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs Video
    Season 5, Episode 17
    Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs (August 2016)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 5, Episode 17
    , 35 minutes
    Since retiring, Bob Wood has engaged upon a mission to recover documents from various government agencies and validate their authenticity. This has placed him in the unique position to be able to authenticate documents and ...
    Available worldwide
    Awakening the Pineal Gland Video
    Season 1, Episode 10
    Awakening the Pineal Gland (September 2015)Cosmic Disclosure
    Season 1, Episode 10
    , 35 minutes
    Corey Goode recounts the training he received which was essential for awakening the pineal gland and expanding the light body. These are the things we too must learn in order to successfully transition to a higher state of being.
    Available worldwide

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    dcable442000, posted on September 17, 2016

    I've heard on the show many times about your illness and you have never said what it is, but it sounds very serious. No matter what it is or how serious it is, I believe I can help, if you would like to know more, please contact me at my name is David

    dancecyn, posted on September 8, 2016

    Corey, I tried to leave you an e-mail on your site but no matter the times i tried it was rejected. so for what it is worth I awakened at dawn on sept 7 from with a floating sense looking out from an orb as I was placed on my bed. in this dream state I saw maybe five other man sized orbs some were clear with other folks.. the big question I had was what just happened??? as this vision pulled away I perceived the word initiation of which I couldn't t say if it was audibly heard or in my head. in a meditation previous to this, in thanking them for working and supporting humanity. I heard in my head THEM say it was not WORK but pleasure. And yes I cried joyous tears... you are a treasure to us all and I pray for your safety daily.. love love love ps I am old ,not groupie material .......... lol mid 70 s u know

    jonathanjbarnes, posted on August 5, 2016

    Corey - I have an off-subject question I would love your comments on. I have seen a lot of evidence that is compelling regarding the Mandela Effect, and the merging of two parallel universes making half of the humans remember a reality the other half doesn't remember. Do you know anything about this, or if it is a credible thing taking place, or if it is just disinfo?

    pstgermain1009, posted on May 17, 2016

    In regard to the violence inherent in humanity and in some ET races, I understood that this is the result of the war in heaven when Lucifer rebelled against love, the essence of the creator, doubting the existence of God. A lot of beings went with him. We may think that the Luciferian rebellion is a myth, but I have understood that it is not. It is a false belief that we need darkness as well as light to grow. We can grow in spite of darkness, but that is not the preferred way. All of the spiritual evolution a soul truly need is found in the light, in the Love that we all are. To have us believe that we need negative entities to help us learn is a manipulation. This is the truth that we need to come to in order to exit this false belief system.

    pstgermain1009, posted on May 17, 2016

    In regard to the war between Mars and Maldek, the spiritual group with whom I am in contact had previously told me that Mars did destroy Maldek. They knew it was a risk to use the technology they did, but they did it anyway. What I was told was that there had been an expedition where Maldek sent a lot of its most intelligent people to Mars to colonize it. These were the scientists, physicists, philosophers, etc. Therefore, the Mars colony had beings on it that leveled the playing field between Mars and Maldek. The Mars beings wanted independence from Maldek, not to be subject to Maldek laws. It could be equated to the American Revolution. I was not told what Maldek laws were like, but I guess they were of a nature that the Mars colony was willing to risk it all to get out from under.

    bobstones, posted on April 19, 2016

    Granada Wendy would love to have you as a guest for 90 minutes, 7:30-9:00 Paciifc on a Friday evening of your choice.
    Its on Revolution Radio;
    Thank You
    Bob Sherman Please answer if you can!

    dreamsofmotion, posted on March 29, 2016

    Dear Corey, Years ago I was visited in my dreams by blue beings who glowed with a shimmery celestial blue light. They surrounded me and filled with a wonderful feeling of peace and love. It was if I remembered everything that I already knew......that all you need is LOVE and that I should not worry about all of the unimportant human concerns of competition,consumption, greed, money, etc . Their message was to live a life filled with love and helping others, making our world a better place. I have never ever felt so happy and filled with love as I did at that time. I awoke a different person. I believe I was contacted by these special, loving beings, the blue Asians. My animal totem has always been the blue jay. They literally follow me wherever I go. As you were speaking to David Wilcox, I could hear you speaking English, but I was also picking up on another type of sound communication coming from you. Please do not think I am not mentally unstable. I assure I am very sane. I am highly spiritual and a pre cog empath, as well . I feel like I need to do more to help raise awareness. This world is becoming harder to live in for me. I have had breast cancer three times. I am chemically sensitive. At times I feel that I am the blue canary in the coal mine. I vibrate blue. I appreciate all that you and David are doing and I would very much like to talk with you. But you already know that. Peace, love and understanding. Meadhra

    starchildfather, posted on February 14, 2016

    When will David Wilcock release Episode 7 of season 3 ? it was left in the middle of the story of the library and now it going on almost a week, is this for suspense or cause they are taking a long break.

    zoe0, posted on January 13, 2016

    I have something I'd like to share with you before it goes public, can you send me your email? You can send it to zoe(at)

    SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 15, 2016

    Thanks for writing! You can get in touch with Corey Goode through his website:


    LaneLight, posted on January 12, 2016

    This is for GaiamTV, not for Corey. I don't like to complain, but I have found your web page to be the most frustrating thing I have ever tried to use. I have an account. I go to the CosmicDisclosure page, and my ID shows up at the top, but all I can get is an offer to sign up to see more. Why is there not a place on that first page to click to say that I already have an account and really would not mind keying in my ID and password again. But I do not see a place to do that. I have to go to the top menu, choose People/Guests to get to David Wilcock's and/or Corey Goode's programs.

    I recently spent about a month in another state, so had to stream the programs on my iPhone. I had to log in all over again to see each session. At least on the desktop, once I get into the list of episodes, they continue on to the next one, or I can choose another. Frustrating.

    The material you provide is wonderful, and I am a truth-seeker. If not, I would have stopped trying to log in long ago.

    Just saying........

    SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 12, 2016

    We are sorry to hear you're having trouble playing the video! You may need to play the video in a different web browser, or if you're on an iPhone, use our Gaia app rather than the web browser.
    Email us if you continue to have trouble:


    LarsF, posted on November 27, 2015

    I also wanted to thank you. It is so inspiring to hear that our world is totally different from what I thought it to be. As I have been on a spiritual path for about 2 years now, I can feel inside my heart that your words are totally true. I see the future of humanity in the message of the Blue Avians, to connect with each other in love and compassion, and that's what I have been working on for quite some time. So, thank you so much for your service to humanity. I hope that disclosure will happen very soon, as I am very much interested in experiencing more and more about the truth. Love and blessings to all of you!

    Xpertnwater, posted on September 7, 2015

    anyway we can get two episodes a week ? That would be greaaat

    jeweline1961, posted on July 22, 2015

    Just wanted to say thank you to -- Corey, David and GiamTV. ♥

    MariaT@GTV, posted on July 21, 2015

    Stay tuned everyone. We're gearing up big here, and more will be revealed on the Cosmic Disclosure page, so be sure to bookmark it and check back with us.

    lisansputnik, posted on July 21, 2015

    Got up early to watch, so excited, can't wait....hope they post it soon!

    NZBigAl, posted on July 20, 2015

    We are blessed to have forward thinking people like yourself, David Wilcock and the team at GaiamTV. We are building a new Earth, where the truth is told. Where LOVE is given the chance to flourish. Looking forward to the new series of Cosmic Disclosure. Thank you all. Much LOVE and respect.

    arnoldvandenheuvel, posted on July 20, 2015

    I'm so glad GaiamTV has paypal now, so I could subscribe; looking forward for the shows!

    sugarbum888, posted on July 20, 2015

    This is great. Bet you never thought you'd be in show biz :). I'm looking forward to watching and you and David in action! It's going to be a fascinating series and there is no doubt!

    cg123, posted on July 19, 2015

    I am so thrilled that Corey will be coming to Gaiam TV! I have informed many of my friends about you and we're eagerly awaiting for your episodes to start.

    pmccue1, posted on July 17, 2015

    Looking forward to the new episodes with Corey Goode. Thanks Gaiam TV for making this possible.

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