Cyndi Lee

Cyndi Lee is the first female Western yoga teacher to fully integrate yoga asana and Tibetan Buddhism in her practice and teaching.

Founder of NYC?s influential OM Yoga Center, Lee now teaches workshops and Teacher Trainings worldwide. She is the creator of #selfieatsixty, a series of photos, blogs, and a book offering yoga and meditation wisdom to help women gain confidence as they age.

Cyndi Lee is also author of the yoga classic, Yoga Body Buddha Mind, her newest book is May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga and Changing My Mind.


    Introduction: How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation Video
    Episode 1
    Introduction: How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation (January 2015)Meditation 101
    Episode 1
    , 23 minutes
    Cyndi Lee gets your started on the meditation path with a friendly talk about what meditation is and how to do it, before guiding the practice. This mindfulness meditation aims to shift our relationship to our thoughts, and ...
    Available worldwide
    Arising, Abiding, Dissolving Video
    Episode 1
    Arising, Abiding, Dissolving (November 2015)Yoga is Relationship
    Episode 1
    , 21 minutes
    In this segment of Yoga is Relationship with Cyndi Lee, enjoy a full vinyasa practice for all parts of body, breath and mind that is good for anytime. Instead of thinking of yoga as something linear, like a task that you can ...
    Available worldwide
    Just Enough Video
    Episode 2
    Just Enough (December 2015)Yoga is Relationship
    Episode 2
    , 32 minutes
    In the second segment of Cyndi Lee's series, Yoga is Relationship, Cyndi guides you through a practice that is 'just enough'. Not too easy or simple, not too challenging. Cyndi uses some traditional poses in a dynamic way to ...
    Available worldwide
    Equanimity Video
    Episode 5
    Equanimity (January 2015)Meditation 101
    Episode 5
    , 14 minutes
    The focus of this mediation is equanimity; the place of mindfulness that is neither high or low, but instead connected to the impermanence of each passing experience. Cultivating equanimity brings still spaciousness to your ...
    Available worldwide
    Strength Video
    Episode 2
    Strength (January 2015)Meditation 101
    Episode 2
    , 12 minutes
    The strength of mindfulness is discussed and put into practice in this short meditation with Cyndi Lee. Part of our meditation 101 series, this session focuses on slowing down our thinking and beginning to notice the space ...
    Available worldwide
    Stability Video
    Episode 3
    Stability (January 2015)Meditation 101
    Episode 3
    , 16 minutes
    Cyndi Lee delivers an eloquent dharma talk on the benefit of stability that arises from a regular meditation practice. Emphasizing the concept of not being too tight, or too loose, the aim in this session to the sweet spot in ...
    Available worldwide
    May I Live with Ease Video
    Episode 4
    May I Live with Ease (May 2015)May I Be Happy
    Episode 4
    , 63 minutes
    In this vinyasa class with Cyndi Lee, she focuses on strong and clearly aligned arms and legs. It takes discipline, commitment, and getting organized to find the 'ease'; the reward is worth it!
    Available worldwide
    May I Be Healthy Video
    Episode 2
    May I Be Healthy (May 2015)May I Be Happy
    Episode 2
    , 52 minutes
    This asana class focuses on physical, emotional and mental detoxing, as the seed for moving toward more positivity and confidence. Enjoy a variety of twists, backbending, strengthening, inverting with a few restorative poses ...
    Available worldwide
    Introduction: Generosity Video
    Episode 1
    Introduction: Generosity (June 2015)Meditation 102
    Episode 1
    , 10 minutes
    Once you recognize and free yourself from discursive thought patterns, the path of the Bodhisattva is illuminated. To embody generosity, you must begin with your own sense of clarity. Become grounded in your sitting meditation ...
    Available worldwide
    Appreciation Video
    Appreciation (November 2015)
    46 minutes
    Gratitude and appreciation are the theme for this vinyasa practice with Cyndi Lee. Cyndi encourages you to approach this practice with self-hands-on work to connect to your own body in a super positive way, cultivating ...
    Available worldwide
    Om Yoga: Sweet Sweaty Sukha Flow Video
    Om Yoga: Sweet Sweaty Sukha Flow (November 2012)
    89 minutes
    Cyndi Lee will lead you in a creative, inspiring and fun practice session to help you let go of your duhka dramas and find a personal path toward a more sukha-filled life.
    Available worldwide
    Clarity Video
    Episode 4
    Clarity (January 2015)Meditation 101
    Episode 4
    , 13 minutes
    This discussion and meditation with Cyndi Lee focuses on the invigorating clarity brought forth through this practice. Sitting in silence, with your eyes closed, noticing thought patterns and your breath brings a deeper inner ...
    Available worldwide

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    Alicetta83, posted on January 26, 2015

    Recently I am experiencing meditation the 101 is great for anxiety from which I suffer for years is really helping me thanks

    PurpleFlower, posted on January 25, 2015

    I loved the series thank you! It would be amazing if there were a 5-10 minute meditation by itself that we can use everyday

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