Dr Carla Cupido

With a passion for integrative, holistic healing, Dr. Carla Cupido has an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Diploma of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. She is a Contemporary Medical Acupuncture provider and is certified in Active Release Technique?, Graston Technique?, Kinesio? Taping, Functional Movement Systems? and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment?.

As a health expert whose education content has been featured in leading magazines such as The Oprah Magazine, news segments, corporate media products such as Air Canada?s En Route, as well as in a variety of online media, Dr. Cupido travels the world leading health-focused lectures and workshops. Her passion lies in her desire to contribute to the improvement of individual health at the deepest level so as to effect positive change upon our planet.

Dr. Carla Cupido has lectured at various venues including the University of British Columbia. She is the owner and director of Baseline Health?, a multi-disciplinary health center in West Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as the owner and director of My Pregnancy Experts. She has been interviewed as a health specialist on CTV News and has been published in numerous leading sport magazines and has had a number of case-studies published in peer-focused journals.


    Back Safety At The Office Video
    Back Safety At The Office (January 2010)
    6 minutes
    Learn how to keep your lower back safe both in and out of the office. Dr. Cupido explains the anatomy of the lumbar spine and a few simple things you can do to improve the health of your back.
    Available worldwide
    Upper Cross Syndrome Video
    Upper Cross Syndrome (January 2010)
    6 minutes
    Upper cross syndrome is a generic condition that affects a majority of the population today. Learning how to avoid postures that place stress on our neuromusculoskeletal system is essential in avoiding injury. This class ...
    Available worldwide
    Lower Cross Syndrome Video
    Lower Cross Syndrome (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Lower cross syndrome is a generic condition that the majority of the population is plagued by due to our sedentary work and school environments. In this video, this condition is thoroughly explained by Dr. Carla Cupido. She ...
    Available worldwide
    What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Video
    What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (January 2010)
    5 minutes
    Dr. Carla Cupido explains what carpal tunnel syndrome is by discussing the anatomy and biomechanics associated with this condition. In this video, Dr. Cupido makes clear some of the risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome ...
    Available worldwide
    Lower Leg and Foot Problems at the Office Video
    Lower Leg and Foot Problems at the Office (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Our lower legs and feet take a real beating, due often to being on our feet all day, and wearing improper footwear. Dr. Carla Cupido examines some of the most common issues such as Plantar Fasciitis and contraction in the ...
    Available worldwide
    Proprioception at the Office Video
    Proprioception at the Office (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Proprioception is a sense of knowing where your body is in space. Dr. Cupido explains how the proprioceptive system works to prevent injury and improve athletic performance. She offers guidance on how to build a well trained ...
    Available worldwide
    Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Video
    Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (January 2010)
    3 minutes
    Dr. Carla Cupido offers exercises in this video to aid in the prevention and management of carpal tunnel syndrome. She focuses on both strengthening and lengthening exercises for the musculature that can contribute to this ...
    Available worldwide


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