Freddy Silva

A bestselling author and leading researcher of alternative history, Freddy Silva is world renowned expert on crop circles and sacred sites.

A pioneer in the research of the interaction between temples and consciousness, Silva is the author of the bestseller "Secrets in the Fields," and director of several documentaries. While lecturing internationally, he was described as "perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now."

He has given keynote presentations at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, in addition to appearances on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, numerous video documentaries and international radio shows.


    The Location of Paradise Video
    The Location of Paradise (2011)
    105 minutes
    Gazing through a window to paradise, we scan across countless eons of enlightened beings calling us forth to realize our ascension. Placed upon geomagnetic hotspots, these ancient temples form a vast network whose purpose was, ...
    Available worldwide
    Open Minds: Temples of the Otherworld with Freddy Silva   Video
    Season 6, Episode 26
    Temples of the Otherworld with Freddy Silva (June 2016)Open Minds
    Season 6, Episode 26
    , 59 minutes
    Freddy Silva takes us on a tour of magical places on Earth which were built with the primary intention of inducing otherworldly experiences. These are places where one may enter as an ordinary human, but exit with the likeness ...
    Available worldwide
    Open Minds: Mystery of the Templars with Freddy Silva Video
    Season 2, Episode 15
    Mystery of the Templars with Freddy Silva (April 2013)Open Minds
    Season 2, Episode 15
    , 57 minutes
    The origin of the Knights Templar has just as much political intrigue and mystery as the rest of its history, real or contrived. Freddy Silva, best-selling author of First Templar Nation, exposes the Knights’ greatest and ...
    Available worldwide
    In the Footsteps of Isis Video
    In the Footsteps of Isis (2007)
    73 minutes
    A pure visual meditation along the ancient Egyptian temples, with personal reflections from the Book of Coming Forth by Light
    Available worldwide
    Open Minds: Sacred Sites of Consciousness with Freddy Silva Video
    Season 3, Episode 15
    Sacred Sites of Consciousness with Freddy Silva (October 2013)Open Minds
    Season 3, Episode 15
    , 60 minutes
    Sacred sites have a measureable energy which connects the earth to the sun through magnetic portals. Freddy Silva explores what this connection means and how these sacred sites of consciousness can bring about spiritual ...
    Available worldwide
    Stairways To Heaven Video
    Stairways To Heaven (2005)
    54 minutes
    Sacred sites, crop circles and the coming human evolution – come on a journey to special places, discover how they are really made and the ancient systems of energy manipulation that still work as well today as they did 8,000 ...
    Available worldwide
    Templemaking Video
    Templemaking (2008)
    141 minutes
    For the first time ever, the subtle forces that make the world’s greatest temples such unique power places have been decoded. And they can be used by anyone, anywhere – including your own home.
    Available worldwide
    Open Minds: The Lost Art of Resurrection with Freddy Silva Video
    Season 5, Episode 36
    The Lost Art of Resurrection with Freddy Silva (August 2015)Open Minds
    Season 5, Episode 36
    , 59 minutes
    The secrets underlying the ultimate transformation are now ready to be revealed. Freddy Silva explains the ancient secrets of resurrection as whispered by many mystery schools from times of old and into their modern day ...
    Available worldwide
    CMN: Freddy Silva on Crop Circles Video
    Season 3, Episode 35
    Freddy Silva on Crop Circles (September 2007)Conscious Media Network
    Season 3, Episode 35
    , 35 minutes
    Freddy Silva is considered to be one of the top researches in the arena of crop circle phenomena. After watching this interview, I doubt there will be anyone who could say this is the subject of hallucination or fantasy, there ...
    Available worldwide

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