Gerald Cohen

The former personal physician to the Dalai Lama, Dr. Gerald Cohen is a classically trained homeopath and highly regarded researcher in the areas of mysticism, science, and healing.

Using his international travels and studies under Tibetan doctors such as Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, Dr. Cohen correlates his own personal findings with cutting-edge scientific research. He uses tested lab results to validate the profound physiological improvements his patient's experience. Dr. Cohen approaches each patient with the understanding that those suffering tend to identify themselves by the symptoms of their condition. However, his focus is not only to relieve their suffering but to ingratiate his patients gently to a more authentic life.

Dr. Gerald Cohen currently runs the Center for the Healing Process in Menlo Park, California and regularly teaches workshops and classes in the healing arts.


    Light Healing Breakthrough with Gerald Cohen Video
    Season 1, Episode 15
    Light Healing Breakthrough with Gerald Cohen (March 2013)Healing Matrix
    Season 1, Episode 15
    , 53 minutes
    How can you help your body heal itself? Homeopath Gerald Cohen explains how using cutting-edge diagnostics and natural healing modalities can alleviate chronic health problems.
    Available worldwide
    Gerald Cohen on The Path Home: What Your Body Wants You to Know Video
    Season 1, Episode 4
    Gerald Cohen on The Path Home: What Your Body Wants You to Know (December, 2012)Healing Matrix
    Season 1, Episode 4
    , 61 minutes
    Could something as simple as light stimulate the body's natural healing responses? Yes, says Dr. Gerald Cohen, who explains how the remarkable new intranasal light therapy works.earn how to help your body heal itself.
    Available worldwide
    CMN: Gerald Cohen on The Healing Process Video
    Season 8, Episode 4
    Gerald Cohen on The Healing Process (January 2012)Conscious Media Network
    Season 8, Episode 4
    , 58 minutes
    Dr. Gerald Cohen came to understand, at an early stage of his education, that the healing process is far more complicated than once understood. He has distilled his vast and comprehensive understanding of healing modalities ...
    Available worldwide

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