Gillian Cofsky

Gillian began her bellydance journey in 2002 on Vancouver Island and has since become known in the community through teaching, performing, and eternally learning. She finds joy and inspiration in the dance and in the community of women that accompanies it. Gillian is a founding member of the fusion bellydance troupe ‘Luciterra’, a BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, and certified 'Bellyfit®' instructor, and currently teaches several classes around Vancouver ( You can see her on the instructional TV series 'Shimmy' ( and in the 'Bellyfit® Earth' instructional DVD for home use. Through her performance and instruction, Gillian reclaims a sense of rooted, feminine sensuality, in hopes that other women will be moved to achieve the same.


    Belly Dance Express Video
    Belly Dance Express (January 2010)
    19 minutes
    Take a brief glimpse into the world of belly dance, with this quick class taught by Gillian Cofsky that breaks down and teaches some basic bellydance moves, then strings them together into a fun combination. A quick taste of ...
    Available worldwide
    Belly Dance Power Video
    Belly Dance Power (January 2010)
    31 minutes
    Experience a well-rounded belly dance class with Gillian Cofsky which includes a brief warm-up/stretch, muscular conditioning for the legs and core, and the break down and drilling of some basic belly dance moves which are ...
    Available worldwide
    Belly Dance Class Video
    Belly Dance Class (January 2011)
    59 minutes
    A full-length bellydance class with Gillian Cofsky that consists of a low-intensity aerobic warm-up, conditioning and toning exercises targeting the glutes, thighs, core, and upper arm, the breakdown and drilling of dance ...
    Available worldwide
    Belly Dance Shimmy Workshop Video
    Belly Dance Shimmy Workshop (December 2012)
    20 minutes
    This belly dance workshop with Gillian Cofsky is a quick introduction to several different styles and varieties of shimmies done in bellydance, and some creative ways to layer them with arms and other movements.
    Available worldwide
    Posture and Upper Body Workshop Video
    Posture and Upper Body Workshop (April 2013)
    20 minutes
    This short workshop with Gillian Cofsky encourages a deeper focus on posture and some upper body and arm movements of bellydance. Through discussing specific muscles being used in each part of a movement, you'll experience a ...
    Available worldwide

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