Greg Burdulis

Mindfulness is hugely important to Greg Burdulis; it helps him open his heart ? to himself, to others, to our world and beyond. It offers freedom from attachments, resistance and emotional storms. Mindfulness is a central pillar of his life.

Greg Burdulis' devotion to meditation peaked when he was a monk for seven years, where he lived and practiced in monasteries, caves and hermitages in Burma. Leaving Burma due to his father's death, Greg returned to the States, where he realized another reason to return ? to help others learn what he'd learned in the monasteries through new technologies and methods to teach ancient wisdom, including positive and somatic psychology and mindfulness based therapies.

Greg Burdulis' vision is to teach people to unleash the power of presence -- and flourish ? everyday. His mission is to teach modern people to practice mindfulness to reap its benefits, which ripple out into the world we share together.


    Introduction to Open Your Heart Video
    Episode 1
    Introduction to Open Your Heart (2015)Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis
    Episode 1
    , 12 minutes
    Greg Burdulis introduces the Open Your Heart meditation series.
    Available worldwide
    Developing Compassion for Oneself Video
    Episode 2
    Developing Compassion for Oneself (2015)Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis
    Episode 2
    , 22 minutes
    Why is it so hard to develop loving kindness toward ourselves?
    Available worldwide
    Growing and Sustaining Positive Feelings Video
    Episode 3
    Growing and Sustaining Positive Feelings (2015)Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis
    Episode 3
    , 28 minutes
    It’s time to dissolve perceived boundaries. As we all know, sometimes it’s difficult to stay vulnerable with challenging people or situations.
    Available worldwide
    Extending Loving Kindness Universally Video
    Episode 4
    Extending Loving Kindness Universally (2015)Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis
    Episode 4
    , 23 minutes
    How do we move past our belief that we’re separate from others and from everything that is?
    Available worldwide

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    jaimequinn2, posted on October 8, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing more about your background, and most of all, for sharing the wisdom you learned being a monk for 7 years. I feel incredibly grateful to have access to your guided meditations !!

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