Hemalayaa Behl

The daughter of Indian parents, Hemalayaa Behl teaches a unique combination of yoga and Indian dance in Los Angeles.

Behl has received international acclaim for her blend of traditional and modern style, been featured in publications such as the New York Times, LA Times, Shape, Yoga Journal, and toured nationally as Mistress of Ceremony for the 2014 "Wanderlust Spectacular."

Hemalayaa Behl's playful spirit emanates through her work as a yogini, dancer, and fitness educator. As she travels the globe transforming lives through these practices, Hema loves turning her students on to the vibrant styles of Indian dance, which is revolutionizing the conscious movement. Her laughter, and that of her students, animates each and every class, highlighting her natural gift for bringing out the joy and the dancer in everyone.

Hemalayaa Behl's yoga training began at home at an early age, with her father as her first teacher. Her upbringing taught her that dance was important to health and well-being. Hema went on to study yoga, philosophy and meditation and finds passion in a life devoted to spreading the knowledge of yoga and dance.


    Yoga Power Flare Video
    Yoga Power Flare (January 2013)
    23 minutes
    This is a fast paced vinyasa class with Hemalayaa Behl designed to make you sweat! Practice this quick paced and short yoga flow that will elevate your heart rate and give you a full body workout. Release the stress that you ...
    Available worldwide
    Pissed Off? Release It Video
    Pissed Off? Release It (March 2013)
    17 minutes
    Anger is a normal emotion, but we have learned many ways to stuff it down. Unfortunately this hasn't made it go away - it has blocked our joy. In this class Hemalyaa Behl provides tools to release anger in a healthy, ...
    Available worldwide
    Dance it Out, Shake it Off Video
    Dance it Out, Shake it Off (January 2013)
    15 minutes
    Join Hemalayaa Behl to release stress by dancing it out and shaking it off through playful movements with live music to inspire you. Guided by Hemalayaa's infectious moves and laughs, this fun, energetic and accessible dance ...
    Available worldwide
    Quickie Stress Relief Video
    Quickie Stress Relief (June 2013)
    24 minutes
    Got less than half an hour to unite your body, mind and soul into bliss? YES! Let's dance and do yoga! In Quicke Stress Relief Hemalayaa Behl guides us with live musicians to live in our most authentic, vibrant and successful way.
    Available worldwide
    Kali Video
    Kali (March 2014)
    15 minutes
    This dance movement class from Hemalayaa Behl is inspired by Kali, who can aid us all in tearing down the old so as to create anew. Like a proud lionness, play along with Hemalayaa as you move and groove to the live ...
    Available worldwide
    Groovy Ganesh Video
    Groovy Ganesh (September 2013)
    18 minutes
    Follow Hemalayaa as she dedicates this class to Ganesh, the elephant headed deity, the remover of obstacles, and one of the most sacred Devas (angels) in the Vedic tradition. We will move our bodies in a way that will create ...
    Available worldwide
    Goddess Sita: Dance of Virtue Video
    Goddess Sita: Dance of Virtue (March 2014)
    23 minutes
    This dance class from Hemalayaa Behl focuses on the devotion, true love, and grace of Sita from the ancient text of the Ramayan. As Ram's wife, Sita faces numerous challenges that test these attributes. Follow along as you ...
    Available worldwide
    Prosperity Goddess Lakshmi Dance Video
    Prosperity Goddess Lakshmi Dance (August 2014)
    20 minutes
    Lose yourself in this journey of movement to embody the Goddess Lakshmi.
    Available worldwide
    Yogasmic Journey Video
    Yogasmic Journey (February 2013)
    22 minutes
    Join Hemalayaa Behl and get your sexy on! This fun and energetic class is sexier than pole dancing and you don't need the killer shoes or the pole! This freeing and liberating class works on all levels of your expression in ...
    Available worldwide


    General Yoga
    December 2, 2012
    When I was asked to write for My Yoga on Gaiam TV, it was thrilling to get a writing assignment that inspired me so much. But when I sat down to write, insecurities started taking over: I'm not good enough, Who do I think I am? and the good ol' I...

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