James Martinez

Advocating purely for financial responsibility, James Martinez is a financial advisor, helping people to overcome financial problems.

By guiding people through essential changes when people feel as though there is no other way out, James Martinez clears a path to a debt-free lifestyle. He provides a legal solution to eliminating the immediate problems and helps to instill long-lasting fiscally responsible habits.


    CMN: James Martinez on the Burden of Debt Video
    Season 4, Episode 43
    James Martinez on the Burden of Debt (November 2008)Conscious Media Network
    Season 4, Episode 43
    , 56 minutes
    The collapse of the credit markets have left millions of people frozen in their tracks, unable to pay their loans and credit card bills on one hand, and not able to obtain any new credit on the other. James Martinez guides ...
    Available worldwide
    CMN: James Martinez on Cold Fusion Video
    Season 8, Episode 2
    James Martinez on Cold Fusion (January 2012)Conscious Media Network
    Season 8, Episode 2
    , 37 minutes
    James Martinez has been following the subject of Cold Fusion and its associated ‘free energy’ capabilities for a number of years and has recently been connecting with the creators of various devices.
    Available worldwide

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