Jane Ellison

Meditating since 1984, Jane Ellison has had a lifelong passion for movement and body-mind practices. For Jane, teaching is an expression and each of her classes is dedicated to uncovering ease, well-being, joy, and freedom.

Due to her passion for the Theravedan tradition, underlying all of her work is an applied philosophy rooted in Buddhadarma, which manifests as clear and helpful instructions based on mindfulness and compassion for body and mind.

Jane Ellison has danced and practiced yoga since childhood, however, it was in the 1970's that she truly began to explore the world. During this time she began her long relationship with an artists' community, made the first of many trips to India, and began her research into embodied anatomy and somatic practices.

In 1975, Jane Ellison became actively involved in Vancouver's Western Front, one of Canada's first artist-run centers. In 1978, it was there that she founded her dance class, affectionately known as "Boing Boing," which have become legendary and still run today. As she moved into the 1980s, Jane trained in Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge, which remains foundational to her current practice.

Between 1991 and 2008, she was on faculty at Studio 58, Langara College?s acclaimed theatre school. There she developed applications of her work to train young actors.


    Yoga For Hip Loosening And Opening Video
    Yoga For Hip Loosening And Opening (July 2013)
    29 minutes
    One of the results of a sedentary life in front of a computer is holding and stiffness, especially in the hips. The fluid, sensuous warm-up for the hips and pelvis prepares you for deep stretches. Jane Ellison guides you in ...
    Available worldwide
    Lower Back Care and Core Support Video
    Lower Back Care and Core Support (February 2011)
    26 minutes
    In this video with Jane Ellison, focus first on developing awareness of the low back through gentle movements that free and mobilize lumbar joints and sacroiliac joints and release low back muscles. Then establishing support ...
    Available worldwide
    Releasing Neck and Shoulder Tension Video
    Releasing Neck and Shoulder Tension (January 2011)
    17 minutes
    This class with Jane Ellison is great for relieving neck and shoulder tension and help with identifying and working with the habitual holding patterns that are the underlying cause.
    Available worldwide
    Runners Cool Down Video
    Runners Cool Down (March 2013)
    16 minutes
    After a run your muscles are warm and really can benefit from stretching with this short post-run class by Jane Ellison. This is the time to increase your flexibility and ensure injury prevention. This series moves fluidly ...
    Available worldwide
    Embodied Movement Video
    Embodied Movement (April 2011)
    61 minutes
    A narrated guide to open, loosen, and strengthen the whole body with Jane Ellison. Beginning with releasing joints, then stretching muscles and developing core support, always using awareness and breath to safely challenge and ...
    Available worldwide
    Get Ready to Run Video
    Get Ready to Run (March 2013)
    13 minutes
    Jane Ellison's class is for yogis who love to run or want to start running. Warming up properly before a run helps prevent injury and improve performance. Static stretching is not warming up and is counter-indicated before ...
    Available worldwide

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