Jillian Hessel

Jillian Hessel traces her Pilates lineage back to Joseph Pilates himself through her teachers Kathy Grant, Carola Trier and Ron Fletcher, who studied under Joseph Pilates at his original studio in New York City. Through this rarified pedigree, Hessel is regarded as a second-generation Pilates teacher in direct succession from Joseph Pilates himself. She has trained and certified many Pilates teachers over the years, and as a faculty member, she has taught Pilates to dance students at the California Institute for the Arts since 1993. She is a regular presenter at the annual Pilates Method Alliance and Body Mind Spirit conventions, as well as at many private studios throughout the country.

She is certified as a health and fitness instructor through the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine, and often teaches specialty workshops at studios across the country. In conjunction with her affiliation with the PMA, Hessel provides guidance in the development of a national exam for Pilates teachers that will help ensure safety, competence, ethics, respect and professionalism in the industry. She has been quoted and written about in articles about Pilates for many publications, including O Magazine, Allure, Glamour, Shape, Fitness, Prevention, ePregnancy, Cooking Light and Yoga Journal, among others, and has made television appearances on Lifetime Television and HGTV.


    AM Pilates Video
    Episode 1
    AM Pilates (2002)AM & PM Pilates
    Episode 1
    , 2 minutes
    Here is an energizing Pilates workout designed to get you out of bed and on the move. Lengthen, strengthen and tone your entire body with this morning exercise hosted by Jillian Hessel.
    Available worldwide
    Fundamentals Workout Video
    Episode 2
    Fundamentals WorkoutPilates for Beginners
    Episode 2
    , 36 minutes
    Start right with master Pilates trainer Jillian Hessel in this pre-Pilates slow-paced, easy-to-follow fundamentals workout.
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Lower Body Workout Video
    Pilates Lower Body Workout (2005)
    30 minutes
    A dynamic Pilates workout to shape and strengthen that hard-to-tone lower body.
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Barre Video
    Pilates Barre (2004)
    42 minutes
    Reshape your body in this dynamic Pilates-dance fusion workout created by Master Pilates instructor and former professional dancer Jillian Hessel.
    Available worldwide
    Classic Mat Workout Video
    Episode 3
    Classic Mat WorkoutPilates for Beginners
    Episode 3
    , 32 minutes
    Certified fitness instructor and master Pilates trainer Jillian Hessel leads you through a full body Pilates workout demonstrated in three levels of difficulty so you can choose the right fitness level for you.
    Available worldwide
    Fundamentals Tutorial Video
    Episode 1
    Fundamentals TutorialPilates for Beginners
    Episode 1
    , 19 minutes
    In the Fundamentals Tutorial, certified fitness instructor and master Pilates trainer Jillian Hessel teaches the basic breathing and movement techniques of traditional Pilates.
    Available worldwide
    Interview with Jillian Hessel Video
    Episode 4
    Interview with Jillian HesselPilates for Beginners
    Episode 4
    , 10 minutes
    Interview with Jillian Hessel on Pilates for Beginners
    Available worldwide
    AM Pilates Interview With Jillian Hessel Video
    Episode 3
    AM Pilates Interview With Jillian HesselAM & PM Pilates
    Episode 3
    , 9 minutes
    Meet Jillian Hessel, instructor of all your favorite Pilates workouts! In this interview, Jillian, who has been teaching Pilates for over 25 years, explains the benefits of Pilates, and what staying healthy and active means to ...
    Available worldwide

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