Jo Schaalman

Co-founder and co-author of the book The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 days, Jo Schulman manages both nutrition and yoga seminars nationwide, concentrating on transformative healing and optimal health.

Schulman shares the wisdom she has acquired through her yoga classes and the Conscious Cleanse program in order to inspire numerous people to find their most vibrant health.

Following her graduation with honors from Grinnell College with a degree in Biology, Jo Schulman had planned to become a doctor. However, during a cross-country bike trip, she was hit by a truck and her life changed forever. The physical and emotional toll of the accident left her life in shambles.

During the grueling recovery process, Jo Schulman discovered a path to health that she could never have believed before. Her journey has been guided by first of its kind healers, like yoga mentor Ana Forrest, Dr. Theron Randolph, an allergist and clinical ecologist, as well as her Master?s level work at the Nutritional Therapy Institute. These many diverse beliefs and ideas pertaining towards healing are rooted in the Conscious Cleanse.


    Forrest Yoga: Unraveling Tension in the Hips, Neck and Shoulders Video
    Forrest Yoga: Unraveling Tension in the Hips, Neck and Shoulders (2012)
    48 minutes
    Learn how to free the tension held in the hips, neck and shoulders.
    Available worldwide
    Day 1: Get Ready Video
    Episode 1
    Day 1: Get Ready (July 2016)The Conscious Cleanse
    Episode 1
    , 37 minutes
    Get ready to change your life. Today you’ll get an overview of The Conscious Cleanse Clean Eating & Yoga Challenge from Jo and Jules. Set your intention for this two-week journey, get the 411 on clean eating and yoga practice, ...
    Available worldwide
    Day 7: Gluten & Soy Challenge Video
    Episode 7
    Day 7: Gluten & Soy Challenge (July 2016)The Conscious Cleanse
    Episode 7
    , 44 minutes
    Is gluten-free simply a trend, or is there more to the story? What about that little bean called soy? These two ingredients can be confusing, but we’ll set you straight and give you alternatives to eat.
    Available worldwide
    Day 14: Vibrancy Video
    Episode 14
    Day 14: Vibrancy (July 2016)The Conscious Cleanse
    Episode 14
    , 33 minutes
    Today we’ll give you tips to keep your radiance alive so you can sustain the positive results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
    Available worldwide
    Conscious Cleanse Flow Video
    Conscious Cleanse Flow (2012)
    39 minutes
    Flow through a practice designed to kick start slow digestion.
    Available worldwide
    Happy Tummy Video
    Happy Tummy (April 2015)
    29 minutes
    This short but innovative class with Jo Schaalman will strengthen and firm your abdominal muscles through a series of deep and directed core work. This sequence will give you a full practice including some of Jo's favorite ...
    Available worldwide
    Celebrate You: Heart Opening Flow Video
    Celebrate You: Heart Opening Flow (May 2015)
    29 minutes
    Whether you're beginner or more advanced, Jo will guide you through an accessible back-friendly class that will encourage you to love and and celebrate yourself. Leave the practice feeling refreshed and truly alive!
    Available worldwide

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    madyahern, posted on February 19, 2014

    Is it possible to buy these as dads?

    Heather at GaiamTV, posted on February 19, 2014

    Sorry, at the moment we don't sell these on DVDs. We are currently looking into ways to make our content available for individual ownership and will update subscribers as soon as we can. Thanks!

    annamichellemyers, posted on December 2, 2013

    Absolutely loved her videos. For the first time in a long time I don't feel the tension in my neck and shoulders. Thank you!

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