Kia Miller

A native of the Falkland Islands, Kia Miller is an enthusiastic and cheerful yogini and teacher whose style is both spontaneous and immersed in the traditional characteristics of yoga.

Influenced by multiple yogic disciplines, Miller?s classes are deeply rooted in inspiration from her childhood.

At age 15, Kia Miller moved to England, where she discovered her love for yoga. Since then, she has been studying with world-renowned teachers in India, Europe, and the U.S. She is certified in the Ashtanga tradition, as well as Kundalini. Miller?s mission in life is to inspire, promote and educate, and to urge students to live to their lives to their maximum potential.


    Yoga for Stress Reduction: Getting Grounded with Ease Video
    Yoga for Stress Reduction: Getting Grounded with Ease (April 2012)
    74 minutes
    In this gentle slow yoga blend, Dina Amsterdam, Kia Miller, and Ashleigh Sergeant join together to support you in feeling relaxed and grounded with ease.
    Available worldwide
    Joyous Unfolding and Rejuvenation Video
    Joyous Unfolding and Rejuvenation (March 2012)
    49 minutes
    Yogis say we are born with a certain amount of Prana, or life force energy. How we manage it is the key to a balanced and happy life. This practice with Kia Miller focuses on dynamic movement with the breath, forward bends ...
    Available worldwide
    Radiant Body Kriya Video
    Radiant Body Kriya (2011)
    40 minutes
    Experience Radiant Body Yoga, a unique combination of Vinyasa poses, Kundalini energy work and restorative meditation.
    Available worldwide
    Calm Mind, Strong Nerves Video
    Calm Mind, Strong Nerves (November 2011)
    15 minutes
    Practice this kundalini meditation with Kia Miller to gain a calm mind and strong nerves.
    Available worldwide
    Pranayama & Meditation Video
    Pranayama & Meditation (2011)
    20 minutes
    Access a calm, natural state of being with an alternate nostril breath series.
    Available worldwide
    Wake up with Radiance Video
    Wake up with Radiance (January 2012)
    67 minutes
    Start your day with a Kundalini-inspired class designed to increase energy.
    Available worldwide
    Kriya for Elevation Video
    Kriya for Elevation
    72 minutes
    Give your spine a tune up with this Kundalini practice.
    Available worldwide
    Prana Apana Balance Video
    Prana Apana Balance
    28 minutes
    Balance the body's two vital energies: prana and apana.
    Available worldwide
    Enliven Yourself Video
    Enliven Yourself (March 2012)
    14 minutes
    Anyone can do this yoga class with Kia Miller. Get up from your chair and move!
    Available worldwide
    Balancing Flow Video
    Balancing Flow (2011)
    49 minutes
    Find your balance and connect with your breath.
    Available worldwide
    Bhakti Flow for Effort and Grace Video
    Bhakti Flow for Effort and Grace
    58 minutes
    A back-bending inspired Vinyasa flow with pranayama and meditation.
    Available worldwide
    Hanuman Flow Video
    Hanuman Flow (2011)
    46 minutes
    Tap into the benefits offered by Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god known for his strength, perseverance and devotion.
    Available worldwide

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    helstev, posted on September 22, 2016

    Thank you Kia, I feel so blessed and inspired having done some of your practices, this morning I did the back bend flows,,loved it !! will definitely help my middle aged back muscles..

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