Kristi Brower

Kristi Brower is a student of life. She works with people at every stage of life, using her skills as a Social Worker and her gifts as a healer to assist everyone in finding themselves. Kristi is passionate about sharing her own experiences with the world and feels that she has a message to share. Kristi loves to write, and also loves to talk. You will find her voice at and


    Alternative Health
    July 28, 2016
    Learn about advances in telomerase research. Is Telomerase extension possible? Is it the panacea for mortality or other ailments?
    June 7, 2016
    Are you sad, angry, lonely or in pain? Do you feel disconnected? Are you ready to forgive your past and find meaning in your experiences? You are ready to embark on the sacred journey of your heart.
    Ancient Wisdom
    April 19, 2016
    The Flower of Life represents the divine. Learn how to connect with creativity and your sacred heart space through the Flower of Life.

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