Letha Marchetti, OTR/L

My work is to shepherd the nervous system through to healthy responses. Simplifying complex neurological concepts so they are helpful to you brings positive change.

When working with children, I help their developing systems to modulate in a more mature fashion through play. This makes way for a happy, stable life.

A system that is overwhelmed, has a physical response to that stress. When stress is held in the body, I support the body to find a way to release it gently. This is especially seen in accident survivors. Survival energy can be trapped in the tissues. Some of my patients come with pain that moves, but has not gone away. Just talking about it is not helpful. Flatly ignoring it doesn’t fix the problem either. I support the body to help process this.

The therapy for this can vary. Sometimes it involves physical support. Often it involves an interior awareness of physical changes.

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    Healthy Living
    August 28, 2015
    Helping a child understand their body presence and how to get their nervous system to calm paves the way for effective discipline and a sound relationship with parents.
    Healthy Living
    July 27, 2015
    Babies have no ability to calm down on their own. Their nervous system is still growing the "calming" parts that lead to self-control. Here's the information you need for your child's healthiest nervous system.

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