Linda Farrell

Linda Farrell has been teaching Pilates Mat for the last 14 years. Farrell’s clear articulation, poise and precise cueing make for her unique style and distinguish her as one of the most popular Pilates Mat teachers in New York City. Farrell’s initial training was at the Pilates Studio of Physical and Mental Body Conditioning in New York City, where she studied with master teacher Romana Kryzanowska. After completing her certification in 1993, she worked for the Studio training students on both the mat and apparatus. Soon after, she discovered she had a unique talent for describing and articulating the mat exercises to her students.

Farrell took this skill with her to the Equinox health clubs where she pioneered its Pilates program, introducing the first Mat class in the winter of 1994. Achieving great success and acclaim for her Equinox Mat classes, Farrell left the Studio and devoted her time and energy to developing the Pilates Mat program at Equinox. Within a short time, she implemented a Pilates Mat program at Broadway Dance Center and at Steps on Broadway. Farrell earned her BA in Economics at the State University of New York in Oneonta, and an MBA in marketing from Baruch College, graduating magna cum laude from both institutions. She was a bond analyst for three years at Moody’s Investors Service before pursuing her passion for movement and fitness and becoming a Pilates instructor and educator.


    Lower Body Video
    Episode 2
    Lower BodyTotal Body Challenge: Pilates
    Episode 2
    , 20 minutes
    Linda Farrell leads you in a 20-minute lower-body Pilates mat workout designed to tone and sculpt your butt and thighs.
    Available worldwide
    Abs Workout Video
    Episode 1
    Abs WorkoutTotal Body Challenge: Pilates
    Episode 1
    , 19 minutes
    Linda Farrell leads you in a 20-minute deep-core-muscles Pilates mat workout designed to sculpt and slim your mid-section.
    Available worldwide
    Upper Body Video
    Episode 3
    Upper BodyTotal Body Challenge: Pilates
    Episode 3
    , 21 minutes
    Linda Farrell leads you in a 20-minute upper-body Pilates mat workout designed to sculpt your shoulders, chest and arms while increasing your range of movement.
    Available worldwide
    Pilates Sculpt and Slide Video
    Pilates Sculpt and Slide (2008)
    37 minutes
    Leading Pilates instructor Linda Farrel designed this workout to give you the benefits of Pilates without the need for expensive equipment.
    Available worldwide

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