Lindsey Lewis

For Lindsey Lewis, living a liberated life, and helping others do the same is the most important part of being human.

Lewis is a certified teacher who brings a sense of flow and ease into every class that leaves students feeling filled with joy and contentment. As she teaches students to learn to listen to their body - just as she learned to do through yoga - they also learn to listen to the wisest part of themselves - their intuition.

Because it?s no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy, Lindsey Lewis believes that yoga is her dharma, her destiny, and the greatest gift she can give to the world. After leaving her magazine editor job and all the perks that came with it, Lewis decided to re-design a life that was right for her. She stripped herself of anything that didn?t bring peace including her career and relationship.

Lindsey Lewis rebuilt from the ground up, beginning to teach yoga and do communications work for health and wellness businesses. Soon, she was spending more time on the yoga mat than at her desk. Realizing she had more potential for transformative growth, Lewis reflected on the life that she was destined for. She began to live more from her heart and less from her head, trusting the choices she made because they just ?felt right.? As the worry and stress melted away, and a natural flow fell into her life, Lewis experienced the true benefits of yoga.

Now, she helps others to do the same - through yoga and life coaching.


    Yoga for Liberty Kundalini Hatha Flow Video
    Yoga for Liberty Kundalini Hatha Flow (March 2012)
    38 minutes
    This Kundalini Hatha flow with Lindsey Lewis is intended to liberate your entire spine—known as the shushumna channel—and bring energy from the base of your spine all the way up through your core, heart center and ...
    Available worldwide
    30 Minute Kundalini for Heart Opening Video
    30 Minute Kundalini for Heart Opening (May 2014)
    27 minutes
    When our heart is guiding the way, the worries of our mind don’t dominate. With an open heart, we live from a place of love instead of fear—the definition of enlightenment. We are lighter, our lives are more free, ...
    Available worldwide
    Turbo Meditation for Peace Video
    Turbo Meditation for Peace (November 2011)
    6 minutes
    This short pranayama, or breathing exercise, helps you calm down quickly, finding peace and ease in your mind and body. Use it whenever and wherever you feel yourself getting stressed or tense.
    Available worldwide
    Kundalini for Energy Boost Video
    Kundalini for Energy Boost (July 2010)
    13 minutes
    This short, powerful Kundalini set with Lindsey Lewis will boost your energy when you need it.
    Available worldwide
    40 Minute Hatha Flow for Intuition Video
    40 Minute Hatha Flow for Intuition (March 2014)
    40 minutes
    This Kundalini Hatha Flow yoga class with Lindsey Lewis will connect you to your ability to know your deepest intuition, what’s called your third eye or sixth chakra. Do you want to make the right choices? And not only ...
    Available worldwide
    Kundalini for Releasing Stress Video
    Kundalini for Releasing Stress (September 2011)
    59 minutes
    We all face fears, anxiety and stress in our life. Use this practice with Lindsey Lewis to help you release them.
    Available worldwide
    Kundalini For Your Heart Center Video
    Kundalini For Your Heart Center (October 2010)
    31 minutes
    This practice with Lindsey Lewis will help open and expand your heart center. Gain more compassion, for yourself and others. Strengthen this center so it can guide you in your life when your mind feels overwhelmed or confused. ...
    Available worldwide
    Wake Up Your Sensual Side Video
    Wake Up Your Sensual Side (February 2013)
    31 minutes
    This Kundalini yoga workout Lindsey Lewis will wake up your sensual side, especially the energy centre located in your second chakra in your pelvic area. We’ll make use of mula Bandha to strengthen the pelvic floor. And ...
    Available worldwide
    A Workout And A Work In Video
    A Workout And A Work In (June 2013)
    34 minutes
    Lindsey Lewis leads this this challenging yet peace-bringing Kundalini yoga flow. This class works your muscles, tones your core, and frees your mind. No time for a one-hour class? You can still get your core toning and ...
    Available worldwide
    Kundalini For Clearing-Sat Kriya Video
    Kundalini For Clearing-Sat Kriya (July 2010)
    8 minutes
    Sat Kriya is a powerful kriya with numerous benefits. It strengthens the nervous system and sexual system, and stimulates the natural flow of energy. But the best benefit of this kriya is the clearing effect for the emotions ...
    Available worldwide
    Kundalini Yoga for Your Power Center Video
    Kundalini Yoga for Your Power Center (August 2011)
    41 minutes
    Your power center holds energy. This third energy center of the 7 that line our central line, or spine, is where many of us hold untapped energy. Also called Manipura, the power center is associated with our capacity for ...
    Available worldwide
    Fast Track Kundalini Yoga Power Up Video
    Fast Track Kundalini Yoga Power Up (September 2013)
    3 minutes
    Lindsey Lewis takes us through a quick energizier of Kundalini power! Using a simple transition from Downdog to Upward facing dog, we build strength in the rotator cuff and shoulder muscles, as well as warm up the body from ...
    Available worldwide


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