Marc Santa Maria

For more than a dozen years, Marc Santa Maria has taught edgy and powerful hip-hop and strength-based classes throughout the U.S. and internationally, including Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Ireland, Mexico, England, South Africa, Norway, Thailand, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. He has served as creative consultant for more than 60 different workouts that have launched in gyms across the U.S. and Europe.

As the Crunch New York regional director of group fitness, he currently oversees more than 800 weekly classes and 300 instructors. For Nike, Santa Maria has been an elite athlete and master trainer for five years and a wellness coach for NBC studios’ iVillage. In the realm of TV, LX-NY selected Santa Maria as one of the Top 5 Hunkiest Trainers in New York City, and his dance workout videos can be seen On Demand with Time Warner Cable and GaiamTV. He has trained a select group of private clients in both fitness and dance, including actress Sarah Jessica Parker and singer Juliana Joya.


    Dance Cardio Party: Latin Dance Mix Video
    Episode 2
    Latin Dance Mix (2011)Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party
    Episode 2
    , 19 minutes
    Dance yourself into shape.
    Available worldwide
    Dance Cardio Party: Get Fit House Party Video
    Episode 1
    Get Fit House Party (2011)Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party
    Episode 1
    , 20 minutes
    Get your groove on with the latest club moves.
    Available worldwide
    Dance Cardio Party: Hip Hop Fat Burn Video
    Episode 3
    Hip Hop Fat Burn (2011)Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party
    Episode 3
    , 22 minutes
    Burn mega calories with the latest club moves.
    Available worldwide

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