Marla Waal

Following a 10 year career as a professional dancer, Marla Waal discovered yoga. Since then, Waal has studied many different styles ranging from Ashtanga to Restorative Yoga as well as various styles of meditation.

With her passion lying in teaching, Waal?s classes highlight the breath along with the body alignment and awareness. After nearly 15 years, she feels she is just scratching the surface.

After training classically at the school of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Marla Waal then danced and toured with Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and later with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Waal took her first yoga class in Vancouver in 1998 and was instantly in love. In 1999/2000 she completed her first teacher training in Hatha Yoga and continues to teach and study yoga today.

Marla Waal recently completed her level one teacher training with Eric Franklin and is now a ?Franklin Method Educator.? She hopes to continue to deepen her understanding of the great tools of yoga, and share them as best she can. More joy awaits!


    Getting Your Feet Wet Video
    Getting Your Feet Wet (October 2014)
    34 minutes
    Wake up your feet and your connection to the earth, then move it through your whole body with this hatha practice guided by Marla Waal.
    Available worldwide
    Prenatal Yoga For The Second Trimester Video
    Prenatal Yoga For The Second Trimester (January 2010)
    17 minutes
    A seated flow with Marla Waal that will bring energy, balance, and well being to you and your growing baby. This practice is intended for mothers in their 2nd trimester, but should be pre-approved by a doctor.
    Available worldwide
    Get Set For A Good Sleep Video
    Get Set For A Good Sleep (September 2010)
    25 minutes
    This evening class is a gentle unwind to let go of the day and soothe into restful sleep. Great for people having trouble sleeping or turning 'off' after work or school. Have some pillows near by.
    Available worldwide
    Anytime Quickie Video
    Anytime Quickie (August 2011)
    10 minutes
    This Anytime Quickie yoga flow by Marla Waal is a great 10 minute seated yoga class. Good for a quick stretch to start the day or as a mid-day break to help get the energy flowing and body and mind back on track.
    Available worldwide
    Neck and Shoulder Release Video
    Neck and Shoulder Release (December 2012)
    25 minutes
    Too much time on your computer or cell phone? If your shoulders seem to permanently reside up near your ears, you need to try this short practice with Marla Waal. Rediscover the natural state of flow and ease in an area not ...
    Available worldwide
    Lower Back and Hip Release Video
    Lower Back and Hip Release (February 2013)
    22 minutes
    Marla Waal will guide you through some massage style movements using massage balls in this 20 minute practice. This practice includes a foot massage and a deep twist to help release built up tension. Let your hips, pelvis and ...
    Available worldwide
    Beginner Yoga Practice Video
    Beginner Yoga Practice (January 2010)
    59 minutes
    Marla Waal guides you through a series of foundational and stabilizing yoga postures. Feel the mind/body benefits of waking up your spine, increasing strength and endurance, joint stability and range of motion, while ...
    Available worldwide
    Standing Balance Workshop Video
    Standing Balance Workshop (July 2010)
    23 minutes
    In this Standing Balance Yoga Workshop, Marla Waal takes you through a series of standing poses, working on balance and core stability.
    Available worldwide
    Hurry Up and Slow Down Video
    Hurry Up and Slow Down (November 2010)
    36 minutes
    This restorative yoga class with Marla Waal is perfect for those suffering from insomnia or feeling stuck in 'stress mode' in their nervous system with a mind that won't turn off. Great if you are feeling tight from working ...
    Available worldwide
    Short Hatha Flow Video
    Short Hatha Flow (January 2010)
    20 minutes
    Bring spaciousness and vitality to the body and energy channels as you flow with this hatha sequence with Marla Waal. Variations are offered throughout this practice so you can find your correct level in each yoga pose. ...
    Available worldwide
    Breath Oasis Hatha Yoga Class Video
    Breath Oasis Hatha Yoga Class (January 2010)
    57 minutes
    Explore mind, body, breath in this classical hatha yoga class taught by Marla Waal.
    Available worldwide
    Stretch and Decompress Yoga Class Video
    Stretch and Decompress Yoga Class (January 2010)
    46 minutes
    Stretch and decompress with this hatha class by Marla Waal designed to help you release stress and muscular tension. Great for after a workout to release lactic acid from the muscles or for anytime you need to relax and ...
    Available worldwide

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    yin4ever, posted on July 15, 2016

    I love her style!! After reading her bio, I am curious if she can do a video on the Franklin Method.
    I have not heard of it.
    thank you!

    ternahead, posted on May 22, 2016

    Marla is an incredible teacher. She moves organically. She is particularly good with beginners, explaining the poses clearly and with patience and kindness.

    Johncampo, posted on August 28, 2014

    Is there a way for me to continue to view a video of yours called Old School Hatha.

    Gaiam_TV, posted on August 28, 2014

    Yes!! Marla's video is here on the second page. Here's the direct link to it:, it just on Thank you,
    The My Yoga Team

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