Michelle Trantina

Teaching Hatha and pre-natal yoga since 2001, Michelle Trantina is the co-founder of MyYogaOnline.com and produces as well as creates most of its video content and platforms.

Her interest in multiple forms of yoga, meditation, voice, and movement work from an early age expanded to exploring mind-body connection, and how our state of being affects who we are and what we experience. In 2005, her love of film and entrepreneurial endeavors emerged and her passion for yoga and wellness lead to My Yoga.

Michelle Trantina took her first yoga class back in 1991 and since then has explored multiple other forms of yoga's. Yoga has been a tremendously trans-formative and powerful part of her life so she loves to share this with others through My Yoga Online. Currently, she can be seen in the yoga television series Namaste airing worldwide.


    Evening Relaxation Video
    Evening Relaxation (January 2010)
    15 minutes
    A soothing and relaxing meditation practice with Michelle Trantina intended for evening relaxation. Excellent anytime you need to release physical tension, ease the mind and prepare for a restful sleep. Be sure to have a ...
    Available worldwide
    Gentle Hatha Yoga Class Video
    Gentle Hatha Yoga Class (January 2010)
    20 minutes
    This gentle, flowing yoga class, taught by Michelle Trantina, will bring calmness, connection, stress reduction, and a feeling of well being.
    Available worldwide
    Sun Salutation Vitality Yoga Flow Video
    Sun Salutation Vitality Yoga Flow (January 2010)
    16 minutes
    Looking for a quick pick me up? This short practice with Michelle Trantina moves through dynamic hatha pose sequences that will invigorate the body and mind. A short relaxation at the end of class leaves you feeling balanced ...
    Available worldwide
    Yoga For Blissfulness Video
    Yoga For Blissfulness (January 2010)
    53 minutes
    Enliven your mind, your senses, and your spirit in this class with Michelle Trantina. Flowing standing sequences balanced by calm, soothing releases will leave you feeling blissful, stronger, and more focused.
    Available worldwide
    Dynamic Hatha Yoga Class Video
    Dynamic Hatha Yoga Class (January 2010)
    36 minutes
    Tune into your inner self with this sequence of postures guided by Michelle Trantina. With an open body/mind we can embrace the moment and our highest potential. This yoga practice progresses from lying on the mat to ...
    Available worldwide
    Seated Worktime Energy Flow Video
    Seated Worktime Energy Flow (January 2010)
    5 minutes
    Take a short break in your day with Michelle Trantina to enliven the body and mind with energy and alertness. This mini-practice explores easy, but effective seated exercises that move nourishing energy throughout.
    Available worldwide
    Sea Side Yoga Flow Video
    Sea Side Yoga Flow (January 2010)
    25 minutes
    This invigorating, flowing, hatha yoga class taught by Michelle Trantina, we will bring energy and inner stillness to your body, mind, and spirit.
    Available worldwide
    Clear and Calm Workplace Flow Video
    Clear and Calm Workplace Flow (January 2010)
    6 minutes
    Feel an immediate sense of vibrant relaxation in your body and mind in this short class with Michelle Trantina. Rejuvenate your spine, open your wrists for long hours at your computer, stretch your eyes and your mind as you ...
    Available worldwide
    Morning Inspiration Office Yoga Video
    Morning Inspiration Office Yoga (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Start your day as Michelle Trantina guides you through a few minutes of focused breathing and stretches to open your body and awaken your mind. Gentle but effective movements shake off tiredness and increase the flow of energy ...
    Available worldwide


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    MicheleWetzelHillman, posted on August 27, 2014

    Thank you for all you do. I have enjoyed MYO for a very long time and look forward to the new format.

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