Padma Meditation

One of Canada?s best-known teachers of meditation and yoga, Padma Meditation guides individuals to an escape; freedom from stress, confusion and pain.

Her counseling includes meditation, discussion, yoga and study. Almost twenty years since her start, Padma has developed an innovative meditation program, which unites ancient eastern wisdom with western knowledge.

Padma Meditation earned a B.Sc. in Biology from McGill University. She worked in Environmental research for the Federal Government of Canada. Now In Canada, she has been teaching yoga teachers, doctors, lawyers, government and corporate clients in the subtle yogic arts of healing the body and the mind. She hosts a tv series on such subjects called ?Living Yoga with Padma'. She developed, wrote and hosted the 65 episodes of the series. She is also the author and producer of a series of educational DVDs as well.

Padma Meditation studied advanced-meditation in the western Himalayas of India for eight years. Living independently, she studied Sanskrit texts, meditated for six hours a day, and learned the subtle arts of yoga including chanting, breath-work, philosophy, mantra, tantra, and hatha yoga. Padma's daily life in the Himalayas was rustic, and included preparing drinking water, building a fire for heat in the cold winters and surviving extreme heat in the summer. She cooked and lived with no electric appliances, or hot running water for eight years!

With few distractions, she spent time in meditation, study and with her meditation guru, Shri Yoga Shromani Swami Shyam Maharaj. Swami-ji is a master of the Yoga Sciences and head of the International Meditation Institute of India, an educational institute recognized by the government of India, and associated with several universities in India. She has mastered reading original Sanskrit texts of meditation philosophy. She mastered scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Sutras. She is now able to teach, as the director of the International Meditation Institute of India has approved her.

Padma Meditation directed the Padma Yoga and Meditation Center in Vancouver, B.C. She leads international courses, workshops and retreats in Canada, the USA, Mexico and France. She was a board member of the Yoga Association of B.C. and continues to consult YABC, creating advanced teacher training programs.


    Balance Audio Meditation Video
    Balance Audio Meditation (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Come back to a perfect state of inner and outer balance, happiness and wellness with Padma Meditation. You experience the most vibrant state of health and find yourself balanced right at the center of your own being.
    Available worldwide
    Padma Meditation for Contentment Video
    Padma Meditation for Contentment (July 2011)
    8 minutes
    Nurture your inner sense of peace, gratitude, and acceptance with this guided meditation.
    Available worldwide
    Breath Meditation - AUDIO PRACTICE Video
    Breath Meditation - AUDIO PRACTICE (January 2010)
    9 minutes
    This meditation practice with Padma Meditation explores conscious breathing. By affecting breath cycles and patterns in this audio meditation we affect other cycles and patterns in our bodies and our minds. Through regular ...
    Available worldwide
    Sensory Meditation AUDIO PRACTICE Video
    Sensory Meditation AUDIO PRACTICE (January 2010)
    11 minutes
    In this Meditation Practice, with Padma Meditation we begin to deepen awareness of body and mind. Center and ground into the body. Heighten and focus awareness of the individual senses. Observe feelings, observe thoughts. ...
    Available worldwide
    Mantra Audio Meditation Video
    Mantra Audio Meditation (January 2010)
    6 minutes
    Overcome all troubles and become established in your real center with the power of sound and word. This mantra directly aligns you with your true self.
    Available worldwide
    Freedom From Flight Anxiety Meditation Video
    Freedom From Flight Anxiety Meditation (January 2010)
    17 minutes
    A three part total freedom from stress program: 1. BODY: relax and unwind 2. BREATH: develop a strong nervous system 3. MIND: find total freedom from anxiety
    Available worldwide
    Concentration Audio Meditation Video
    Concentration Audio Meditation (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Enable all your wishes to come true through focus and the direct power of your mind. Overcome a wandering or scattered mind with this simple exercise. Be calm, strong and focused.
    Available worldwide
    Counting Audio Meditation Video
    Counting Audio Meditation (January 2010)
    7 minutes
    Practice this universal, time-tested practice of calming and steadying your mind, and returning to presence. For beginners and advanced yogis alike.
    Available worldwide
    Steadiness Audio Meditation Video
    Steadiness Audio Meditation (January 2010)
    8 minutes
    Gain the ability to stay steady, strong and competent through any situations. Build your inner power and leadership.
    Available worldwide
    Purity Audio Meditation Video
    Purity Audio Meditation (January 2010)
    8 minutes
    Purify away all inner negativity and make your life force energy clear and healthy. Your inner vitality and positive enthusiasm for living are uplifted as all ailments are cleared away.
    Available worldwide

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