Pedro Franco

Practicing martial arts for 22 years, Pedro Franco is a yogi, Physical Education Professional Physiotherapist, Yoga Therapist, and Personal Consultant.

Franco holds certifications in Pilates, technical skills in rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness. He has developed a practice that blends all these effective tools with a broad holistic perspective, with a teaching style that adapts to all levels, helping to tailor practices to students' unique abilities.

Pedro Franco?s yoga journey started in 1992, and has since led him to practiced with and be certified by, teachers and masters from various lineages and traditions around the world.


  • Yoga Teacher Training Certification Director at San Francisco State University
  • Yoga teacher at Yoga Tree- Bay Area, California
  • Yoga teacher at Namaste Lakeshore - Oakland, CA
  • Director, Board Member at Yoga Society of San Francisco, Brahmananda Ashram
  • Teacher for Life Sentence Inmates at San Quentin Prison


    Therapeutic Series: The Shoulders Video
    Therapeutic Series: The Shoulders (August 2013)
    23 minutes
    Pedro Franco leads us through a series of poses for shoulder health. This gentle series offers benefits for office workers or anyone who spends extensive time at a desk, as well as any yoga practitioner.
    Available worldwide
    Mudras Video
    Mudras (September 2014)
    50 minutes
    Gain understanding of mudras as you activate your chakras and meridians with this tranquil, guided meditation.
    Available worldwide
    Tantra Yoga Video
    Tantra Yoga (February 2013)
    52 minutes
    Pedro Franco guides us through the holistic benefits of yoga, with a particular focus on glandular balancing and chakra activation. Using a combination of pranayama techniques, Pedro activates the chakra system and kundalini ...
    Available worldwide
    Emotional Medicine Video
    Emotional Medicine (March 2014)
    45 minutes
    This class from Pedro Franco is designed to offer simple yet effective tools for management of emotions. Through this class, come to a deeper understanding of specific pranayama techniques, visualizations and deep relaxation ...
    Available worldwide
    Partner Yoga: Intermediate Level Video
    Partner Yoga: Intermediate Level (February 2013)
    26 minutes
    Awaken a deep integration with others by watching and participating in Pedro Franco’s partner yoga video practice.
    Available worldwide
    Partner Yoga Level 2 Video
    Partner Yoga Level 2 (February 2013)
    33 minutes
    Pedro Franco teaches us a partner yoga practice that displays a beautiful way to deepen our human connections and interactions. Partner Yoga is the embodiment of Tantra, taking you out of the individual practice and into a ...
    Available worldwide
    Therapeutic Series: The Spine Video
    Therapeutic Series: The Spine (May 2014)
    48 minutes
    This class from Pedro Franco is focused on the mobilization and stabilization of the spine to increase lubrication of the discs. A general approach with specific adaptations to maximize the functions of the spine.
    Available worldwide
    Therapeutic Series: The Knees Video
    Therapeutic Series: The Knees (June 2013)
    45 minutes
    This therapeutic class with Pedro Franco is designed for students and teachers interested in knee alignment, and creating strength and stability in the hips, pelvis, and center (core). Mula Bandha is used to help align the ...
    Available worldwide
    Heart Full Flow Video
    Heart Full Flow (November 2013)
    39 minutes
    This spicy live class from Pedro Franco is one that delivers lessons on breathing, connection, and dynamic stabilization. Beginning with a gentle warmup and onto more movement based sequences, let your breath guide you through ...
    Available worldwide
    Overcoming Challenges Video
    Overcoming Challenges (January 2014)
    53 minutes
    Pedro Franco is your guide in this class filled with advanced arm balances and inversions! Arm balances require open hips, a strong core, and the self confidence to liberate yourself from fear that can hold you back in your life.
    Available worldwide
    Peaceful Warrior Yoga: Heartful Flow Video
    Peaceful Warrior Yoga: Heartful Flow (April 2013)
    54 minutes
    Pedro Franco brings a fusion of yoga with capoeira for dynamic balance, fusion with Qigong for vital energy enhancing. This is a vigorous class utilizing elements of martial arts and ancient archetypes to awaken our infinite ...
    Available worldwide
    Learning to Levitate Video
    Learning to Levitate (August 2014)
    24 minutes
    This tutorial from Pedro Franco focuses on specific kriyas that bring depth of control into the abdominal wall. Through these practices, learn to cleanse your internal organs, bring energy into your body, and possibly even ...
    Available worldwide

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