Ryan Leier

Registered as an E-RYT 500,RCYT, the highest designation with the Yoga Alliance, Ryan Leier?s passionate and inspirational personality bring a creative energy to every class he teaches.

Drawing profound inspiration from his daughters, Kiyah and Thora Grace, Leier created Vinyasa Yoga for Youth. The innovative non-profit organization is designed to meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of youth ages 5 ?22 through the empowering practice of yoga.

Whether in his own One Yoga studios or as an ambassador of yoga to communities around the world, Ryan Leier brings a distinct expression of ancient traditions that touches his students' hearts. His commitment to honoring his teachers leads him to be equally devoted to continuing his studies as to teaching. Rooted in local sacred teachings, Leier is a firm believer that through steady practice and devotion, all people ? regardless of age, gender, race or religion ? can experience the Oneness of Yoga.

Ryan Leier is primarily a student of the Krishamacharya yoga lineage having received teachings directly from the Master, Sri BKS Iyengar and the Ashtanga Guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He also trains with the extraordinary teachers Father Joe Pereira (Iyengar Yoga); Baron Baptiste; Dina T; Danny Paradise; Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane (Maya Yoga); and Srivatsa Ramaswami (Vinyasa Krama). Leier regularly studies and serves the Elders in his home province of Saskatchewan (which comes from the Cree word kisiskaciwani-spiv meaning "swift flowing river").

Ryan's dedication to connecting with his community has also led to his role as an ambassador for lululemon athletica.


    Find Your Flow Feel The Fire Video
    Find Your Flow Feel The Fire (July 2013)
    33 minutes
    Ryan Leier guides you through a potent 30 minute vinyasa flow for all-levels. Purify your mind and body.
    Available worldwide
    One Yoga: Detox Flow Video
    One Yoga: Detox Flow (April 2013)
    36 minutes
    In this detoxifying flow, Ryan Leier will empower you to challenge yourself. You will learn to use your bandhas and breath, to purify and energize your body and mind. You will leave this class feeling light, clear and centered.
    Available worldwide
    A-Lion Yourself with Ryan Leier Video
    A-Lion Yourself with Ryan Leier (March 2013)
    21 minutes
    Having just returned from India where he spent two months with the yoga master BKS Iyengar, Ryan will help you use his new knowledge to help you refine your practice through use of breath and being present in your practice.
    Available worldwide
    Heart of a Lion Video
    Heart of a Lion (February 2014)
    42 minutes
    According to BKS Iyengar, backbends combat depression, energize our systems, and most importantly open our hearts. Ryan guides students through transitioning into these asana’s with confidence using the breath and power of the ...
    Available worldwide
    Fierce Grace Morning Flow Video
    Fierce Grace Morning Flow (September 2013)
    30 minutes
    Flow into Grace with this gentle, yet powerful flow. Ryan Leier takes you through a complete practice to open the body and soul, and connect the mind to the heart and spirit. Variations are given to make this Vinyasa ...
    Available worldwide
    Fire In The Belly Video
    Fire In The Belly (October 2013)
    42 minutes
    In this Vinyasa class Ryan Leier will guide you through a complete flow to awaken the fire within! A strong core is a necessary component in all postures and helps stoke our inner fire. Be inspired to move beyond your ...
    Available worldwide
    Yoga Is Video
    Yoga Is (September 2012)
    12 minutes
    In this introduction to Yoga, Ryan Leier discuss what yoga is. What is yoga and what are the keys to success and what you have to look out for. Ryan suggests you also check out some classes by Nicki Doane.
    Available worldwide
    Children Float and Fly Video
    Children Float and Fly (May 2013)
    23 minutes
    This class with Ryan Leier is for the little yogis! His 10 year-old daughter Kiyah and friends join him to lead your child though a short sequence designed to empower them, grow roots, and fly high!
    Available worldwide
    Vinyasa Yoga for Youth: Little Lions Video
    Vinyasa Yoga for Youth: Little Lions (May 2014)
    17 minutes
    This class with Ryan Leier is for the little lions ages 3-7. Ryan is joined by friends Lincoln and Ava in a fun Vinyasa sequence designed to empower them, grow roots, and fly high! Inspired by Ryan's non-profit "Vinyasa Yoga ...
    Available worldwide
    The Six Vitamins Video
    The Six Vitamins (October 2012)
    5 minutes
    Fuel your LIFE! In Ryan Leier's discussion, according to ancient yoga texts and philosophy there are 6 qualities (six vitamins) to bring to your life on the path of yoga. In this short lecture the Lion lays down “6 ...
    Available worldwide
    Intro to Power Flow Video
    Intro to Power Flow (October 2012)
    52 minutes
    Tap into your limitless potential with this 60-minute Power Vinyasa class. Join Ryan “The Lion” Leier as he moves you through various degrees of difficulty in traditional poses, offering modifications for all levels of students.
    Available worldwide
    Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Video
    Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli (April 2013)
    6 minutes
    Harness your energy and let it rise up! Ryan Leier shows how these ancient vital cleansing exercises purify the body. Do them everyday!
    Available worldwide


    General Yoga
    October 10, 2012
    In Ashtanga or power vinyasa yoga there are four important actions that-- when approached with sensitivity-- will increase the potency and boost the healing potential of the practice.

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