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Gaia and American Council on Exercise have joined forces to inspire you to live your most fit life. From building endurance with cutting edge cardio kickboxing routines to strengthening both your mind and your body with Pilates and yoga-inspired workouts, let our ACE fitness experts guide you on your fitness journey.

Titles In This Collection

Pilates Core Challenge
2 Episodes
Get a strong, long and lean Pilates body with Pilates Core Challenge.
Pilates Beginning Mat Workout
2 Episodes
Pilates Beginning Mat Workout is an easy to follow basics skills workout that emphasizes how to use the core muscles in order strengthen the abdominals and back while learning proper form and technique.
Pilates Barre
42 minutes
Reshape your body in this dynamic Pilates-dance fusion workout created by Master Pilates instructor and former professional dancer Jillian Hessel.
Available worldwide
QuickFix Total Cardio Kick
Janis Saffell
3 Episodes
A total body toning workout that really packs a punch.
QuickFix Total Cardio Hip Hop
3 Episodes
If you have 10 minutes you can burn fat and enjoy dance moves like you see in today's music videos regardless of your dance or exercise experience!
QuickFix Stability Ball Workouts
Keli Roberts
3 Episodes
Strengthen your muscles and improve your balance and coordination in just 10 minutes a day!
The New Method: Core Cardio Dance
Lisa Wheeler / Tracey Mallet
2 Episodes
Dance your way to a better body
Nordic Walking Pole BasicsTina Vindum Nordic Walking Poles
12 minutes
Fitness expert Tina Vindum demonstrates how to use the Nordic walking poles with an emphasis on proper technique o get the most out of your workout.
Available worldwide
Sculpting WorkoutTina Vindum Nordic Walking Poles
16 minutes
Tina Vindum
After your walking workout, follow fitness expert Tina Vindum in the Nordic Pole Sculpting Workout, a full-length, results-oriented routine.
Available worldwide
Power Yoga for Total Body
65 minutes
Develop graceful and supple strength by integrating your breath, movement, intention, and relaxation in this total body power yoga practice led by internationally renowned teacher Rodney Yee.
Available worldwide
AM Yoga for Your Week
5 Episodes
Five 20-minute morning practices: Standing Poses, Twists, Backbends, Forward Bends and Hip Openers. Simple enough for beginners, but effective for everyone. Instructor: Rodney Yee
Pam Peeke on Food AddictionInspirations
56 minutes
Learn how your brain functions on junk food versus healthy food.
Available worldwide

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