All About Aging

"Growing old is not for sissies," said legendary actress Bette Davis. Thankfully, you can educate yourself with videos from our All About Aging Special Collection. Whether you want to look younger, feel better or just laugh about the aging process, there's something on this list to inform, inspire and delight you.

Titles In This Collection

How to Live Forever
94 minutes
A cell lives an average of 5 minutes. A hummingbird for 5 years. Right now, humans live for about 75 years. What would it mean to live forever?
Only available in Canada, United States
Make Me Young
88 minutes
An age-obsessed daughter of a plastic surgeon, Mitch McCabe, takes a journey through America's $60 billion a year anti-aging world. Her story paints a funny but troubling portrait of a country that desperately needs to stay ...
Available worldwide
Oz Garcia‘s Simple Steps to Take Off 10 Years
2 Episodes
Internationally renowned nutritionist Oz Garcia offers 5 simple steps to make you look and feel 10 years younger
The End of Ageing
53 minutes
All over the world, human beings are living longer than ever before. In the not-too-distant future, science may be able to halt ageing altogether. This means we need to take a hard look at health care and economic systems to ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Maximize Your Health: Miraval‘s Anti-Aging Secrets
62 minutes
Chronic inflammation has been linked to age-related diseases. Discover how you can decrease inflammation through nutrition and exercise with Junelle Lupiani, R.D., Miraval's integrative nutritionist, and Andrew Wolf M.S. E.D., ...
Available worldwide
David Wolfe on Energy, Health and LongevityInspirations
56 minutes
Lisa Garr interviews David Wolfe, one of the top experts on natural health, nutrition, herbalism, organic superfoods, raw foods and chocolate. Discover a whole new way to maximize your energy, health and longevity.
Available worldwide
Grow Old Along with Me
3 Episodes
Julie Harris, Richard Kiley, Hume Cronyn, and James Earl Jones are a delight as they recite poetry about aging and talk about what getting old is like for them.
Aged to Perfection
43 minutes
Jaring Timmerman is 100 years old, yet he’s still sharp as a tack and swims competitively and continues to set world records. Retirement, that’s for old people. What can he teach us?
Only available in Canada, United States
CMN:  Video
Mony Vital on Physical ImmortalityConscious Media Network
58 minutes
Mony Vital, author of Ageless Living: Freedom from the Culture of Death, discusses our culture of death, from life insurance and religion to the big business of anti-aging.
Available worldwide
Embracing Aging, Change and Dying (Ram Dass) – Part 1Thinking Allowed
24 minutes
Human potential movement pioneer Ram Dass points us to our greater identity, which includes and transcends our physical bodies.
Available worldwide
Embracing Aging, Change and Dying (Ram Dass) – Part 2Thinking Allowed
23 minutes
Join host Jeffrey Mishlove and Ram Dass, author of Still Here and many other books, as they discuss how to handle the physical and mental changes brought on by a stroke, and how to confront death.
Available worldwide
Real Age (Dr. Michael Roizen) – Part 1Corinne Edwards Interviews
22 minutes
Real age, the difference between your chronological and biological age, can fluctuate. Studies now show that making healthy choices can actually reverse the rate of aging you have accumulated, making your body younger.
Available worldwide

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