Aly's AWE-filled Special Collection for Spiritual Development with Sparkle & Spice

On her website In AWE with ALY, Aly Charles is all about three things: Adventure, wellness and empowerment! Aly let her passion for vibrant living inspire these selections for her exclusive video collection. Featuring the perfect ingredients for a magical mix of topics including miraculous stories, inspiring interviews and informative wellness videos, this playlist is guaranteed to bring more awe and magic into your life! Watch any video in this eclectic mix to feel more inspired, vibrant and awestruck; the more awe you feel, the more your life changes for the better! Start your FREE 10 Day Trial with Gaiam TV!

Titles In This Collection

CMN:  Video
Steven Hairfield on His Road to Awakening Conscious Media Network
50 minutes
Dr. Steven Hairfield, mystic, monk, psychic and scholar, describes his journey to the realization that we are already what we want to be, but because we think we are broken, we don’t love ourselves and believe we are ...
Available worldwide
Jack Canfield: Master Class with Interview
50 minutes
Meet Jack Canfield, co-creator of the phenomenally successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series, in this highly intimate interview, as he shares the challenges in his own life that made him the teacher of success and happiness ...
Available worldwide
Beyond Belief:  Video
Your Soul Contract with Dr. Lauren CieloBeyond Belief
61 minutes
You have the power to reach through the veil, beyond the basic five senses, to discover your life’s purpose and the agreements you made before being born. Dr. Lauren Cielo offers simple techniques that awaken your psychic ...
Available worldwide
Doreen Virtue on Connecting with AngelsInspirations
91 minutes
Explore the subject of guides and guardian angels with Doreen Virtue, a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm and is one of the foremost authorities in this area.
Available worldwide
Byron Katie: Master Class with Interview
47 minutes
Discover the key to The Work in this intimate interview with Byron Katie. Be touched by the events in her own life that led to her liberation from suffering – and take the same extraordinarily effective steps to free yourself ...
Available worldwide
Open Minds:  Video
Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions Part 1 with Barbara Hand ClowOpen Minds
55 minutes
We are not alone in our universe, or beyond. We are part of a network of nine dimensions that coexists and interact with each other. Barbara Hand Clow explains how to navigate the 9 dimensions, contact and work with ...
Available worldwide
Collaborating with Nature Spirits with Steven FarmerOn the Road with Lilou
39 minutes
On the beach at Three Arches Bay in Laguna Beach, CA, Steven Farmer talks with Lilou Mace about the importance of revising our current relationship with the earth. When we learn to listen, with more than just our ears, we can ...
Available worldwide
Keepers of the Light
84 minutes
A middle-aged woman, taking what she believes to be an impromptu and much-needed vacation, finds herself instead on a spiritual journey of discovery, one that literally transforms her life.
Available worldwide
Interview with Judith OrloffOmega
23 minutes
Have you ever wanted to develop your psychic connection? Do you doubt that you even have one? Judith Orloff, psychiatrist, clairvoyant, and author of Second Sight, reveals that everyone has innate psychic ability, and the ...
Available worldwide
Pranayama & Meditation
20 minutes
Access a calm, natural state of being with an alternate nostril breath series.
Available worldwide

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