Azawhistle Kids' Simple Acts of Cleanliness

Azawhistle Kids believes cleaning starts from the inside out. What our kids consume as they grow in the world make indelible impressions. Equip your kid with the good stuff about the big kid (a.k.a. adult) world and set them onto a path of happiness for all.

Titles In This Collection

Yoga Kids
31 minutes
Kids love doing yoga - especially when it feels like play. YogaKids creator Marsha Wenig keeps the kids engaged as she leads them through creatively adapted yoga basics to help them be fit, healthy and active.
Available worldwide
Healthy Nutrition for KidsAsk Dr. Weil with Andrew Weil
Dr. Weil speaks about healthy nutrition for kids and gives healthy snack suggestions.
Surreal Gourmet:  Video
Here’s Cooking for You, KidThe Surreal Gourmet
22 minutes
Bob turns the world of kid’s food upside down.
Only available in Canada, United States
Encounters with the Unexplained
52 Episodes
A provocative series exploring the paranormal and the unexplained.
Kids on Pills
43 minutes
Kids on Pills tells us that the future of the human brain is at stake. What is the sense and non-sense of psychoactive medication for children?
Only available in Canada, United States
Environmentally Aware KidsThe Lazy Environmentalist with Josh Dorfman
The Lazy environmentalist, Josh Dorfman, focuses on how to create environmentally aware kids.
Eco Friendly KidsSimply Green with Danny Seo
Danny Seo gives advice about raising eco friendly kids.
Healthy Home:  Video
LabyrinthHealthy Home
22 minutes
Healthy Home visits a spiritual house in LA, a labyrinth and looks at healthy beds and at a basement transformation for kid’s safety
Only available in Canada, United States

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