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Christine has put together a special collection on Gaia just for you! Now you can practice yoga or watch an inspiring film anytime you want!

Titles In This Collection

Rodney Yee‘s Daily Yoga
Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman
6 Episodes
Energize body and mind with yoga masters Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman’s easy-to-follow yoga practices. Each yoga practice features a distinct style of yoga, and specifically sequenced to bring strength, energy and balance into your life.
AM & PM Chi for Beginners
2 Episodes
The flow of energy rises and falls like the tides. 
A.M. and P.M. T’ai Chi will help you master the tides, taking in fresh chi and letting go of stale chi to calm the mind and release the mental and physical tensions of our lives.
Pranayama & Meditation
20 minutes
Access a calm, natural state of being with an alternate nostril breath series.
Available worldwide
Desktop Yoga
14 minutes
Take a yoga break at the office with Rodney Yee. Release tension from the hips, back, shoulders, neck and wrists without leaving your desk.
Available worldwide
Gentle Yoga for Beginners
33 minutes
Suzanne offers gentle yoga poses so that anyone can practice yoga.
Available worldwide
Restoration PracticeYoga for Back Pain - Back Care Solutions
18 minutes
Internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee leads you through a guided restorative meditation to relax tight neck, shoulder and back muscles while quieting the mind.
Available worldwide
Yoga for Meditation
6 Episodes
Rodney Yee offers an innovative union of Yoga and meditation through gentle poses and movements that turn your attention deep into the landscape of your inner being.
Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party
3 Episodes
Burn mega calories while dancing to a Latin beat.
Restorative Yoga Practice
34 minutes
Explore basic floor poses to relax more deeply into the experience of your body.
Available worldwide

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