Yoga for Your Core

What happens when you strip away what no longer serves you? You get to the core of what matters. Explore our Yoga for Your Core collection with some of our favorite 'rock out your core' practices from our library to strengthen your midsection and create a foundation of health.

Titles In This Collection

Core Floor
12 minutes
This is a quick core sequence with Clara Roberts-Oss to ignite your center.
Available worldwide
CoreAdvance Your Practice: Foundation to Flotation
18 minutes
This first segment is about 20 minutes dedicated simply to cultivating a core that will give our peacock pose the strength, confidence and courage to eventually take flight.
Available worldwide
A Core Cultivation Practice To Ignite Your Day
27 minutes
This short but effective Core Cultivation practice from Gina Caputo will fan your inner flames and light you up from the inside out! We get right to the core of the matter with some of Gina's favorite core exercises, kriyas ...
Available worldwide
Journey into the Core
33 minutes
Stir the fire within and follow this energy upstream to the source with this dynamic Pilates based core class with Nico Luce. Using only a strap or a rope we'll explore breathing into the ribcage and different prone and supine ...
Available worldwide
Core EnergySeane Corn Detox Flow
11 minutes
Support your detox with strong abs.
Available worldwide
Core DefinitionFit Body Yoga
17 minutes
Access your back and core with Gwen Lawrence's unique strength-building moves.
Available worldwide
Rodney Yee Core Centered Yoga
6 Episodes
Find your balance with this core-centered practice from Rodney Yee.
Whittle Your MiddleYoga for Weight Loss with Colleen Saidman
29 minutes
Colleen Saidman
Tone your core with twist and balance poses.
Available worldwide
Core PowerYoga for Weight Loss
42 minutes
In part two of Ashley Turner's Yoga for Weight Loss series, it is time to turn up the core! This practice is sure to fire up the metabolism and help clear stagnant energy as well as develop will, self-discipline, and ...
Available worldwide
Sexy Six Pack
31 minutes
This core power class from Ashley Turner will ignite your inner power, strengthen and tone your abs from all levels, and leave you feeling sexy and confident from the inside out. Use this practice to build stability on and off ...
Available worldwide
Core Detox
18 minutes
Ashley Turner guides you through a short but intense 20 minute core centered workout. This class, which focuses on toning and strengthen the core muscles, will activate your 3rd chakra to enliven your sense of self and improve ...
Available worldwide
Strengthen and Tone: Arms and Abs
63 minutes
This practice from Ashley Turner is a dedicated upper body and core extravaganza. Begin with a core sequence to build the heat necessary to open the shoulders and upper back. Lead into a series of arm balances and handstands ...
Available worldwide

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marlenedepierre, posted on October 1, 2015

I would love to have yoga for pregnant women, I once saw one, now I see none. Pregnant women should be included, don't you think?

AspenM@Gaia, posted on October 1, 2015

Hi there!
Gaiam TV does offer a few different prenatal yoga videos, though there is not a collection around them. You can locate a list of search results here:

Check those out, and contact us at with any questions. Thank you!


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