Tall tales and legends of yore tell of rarely seen animals that defy logic. Bigfoot, the yeti, Loch Ness monster and chupacabra have all captured the imagination and interest of curiosity seekers and crypto-hunters alike. Join us in this special collection as we examine evidence gathered by those who seek the strange creatures in our strange world.

Titles In This Collection

Bigfoot's Reflection
48 minutes
Bigfoot’s Reflection is a modern psychological and ecological exploration of the giant ape-man legend of North America from the perspective of those who choose to study it and guard its wild habitat.
Available worldwide
The Legend of Bigfoot
75 minutes
Ivan Marx treks across the North American West Coast, through the wilds of Canada, and right to the very edge of civilization in his intrepid pursuit of the ever-elusive Bigfoot.
Available worldwide
Beyond Belief:  Video
Hunting Bigfoot with Rhettman MullisBeyond Belief
29 minutes
Fuzzy photos and shaky videos are all part of a long history of Bigfoot sightings that dates back to 12th century woodcuts, which depict knights in combat with large hairy human-like creatures. Rhettman Mullis reveals several ...
Available worldwide
Beyond Belief:  Video
The CryptoHunter with John RhodesBeyond Belief
57 minutes
Science has yet to discover all of the species of life here on planet Earth. Of the species yet to be discovered, we may be in for some big surprises. CryptoHunter John Rhodes explains his search for mysterious creatures from ...
Available worldwide
The Puerto Rican KillerStranger than Fiction
24 minutes
Puerto Rico is home to a rich legend of a mysterious creature, known as the chupacabra, preying upon the animals of this archipelago. Speculations of the origin and nature of this beast may be subject to plausible deniability, ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Beyond Belief:  Video
Proving Bigfoot with Rhettman MullisBeyond Belief
31 minutes
Despite the lack of definitive proof, researchers believe that they can understand how Bigfoot behaves and communicates. Rhettman Mullis recounts tales of tracking this elusive creature and reveals how he may one day prove the ...
Available worldwide
Encounters with the Unexplained:  Video
Bigfoot: Real Monster or Urban Legend?Encounters with the Unexplained
43 minutes
In virtually every corner of the world someone has reported seeing huge, hairy creatures that walk upright like a man but flee at the first hint of discovery. Could there be a race of giant monsters that has survived for ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Celtic Myths – Sex and Supernature
50 minutes
The most pervasive of Celtic legends are those that tell tales of magical creatures such as the banshee or the leprechaun. However, the most influential, throughout time, have been tales of romance and regeneration.
Only available in Canada, United States

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lawsuth, posted on April 14, 2014

I've clicked on the "Seeking Truth" link and it brings up the sub-categories (Paranormal, Metaphysics, etc.), but it won't accept when I choose one of them. It waits a few moments, then goes to the page of the main category.

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