Scientists have discovered that health and longevity are not firmly encoded in DNA. The field of Epigenetics is just beginning to understand how the physical expression of genetic structures can be altered by states of mind, environmental condition and personal core beliefs.

Titles In This Collection

Joe Dispenza on the Power of Changing Your ThinkingInspirations
58 minutes
Neuroscientist, chiropractor and author Dr. Joe Dispenza uses a dynamic combination of science and practical techniques to teach you how to think differently – creating a healthier, happier you.
Available worldwide
The Living Matrix
83 minutes
The Living Matrix uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. The film features a group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners who are ...
Available worldwide
Our Non-Linear Selves with Joe DispenzaHealing Matrix
59 minutes
When we reach out from the body, beyond the physical world to contact our higher selves, we can manifest incredible healing and creativity. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how the pineal gland plays a key role in the rise of ...
Available worldwide
Bruce H. Lipton on the Biology of BeliefInspirations
97 minutes
“We are facing imminent extinction.” So says cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., at the beginning of this astonishingly important conversation. The next 90 minutes are spent discussing why he thinks this is true and ...
Available worldwide
The Power of Thought
52 minutes
For many generations, researchers have been trying to unravel the nature of human thought. “I think, therefore I am” – but, what are thoughts? Just some fleeting void? Or a huge and as yet scarcely researched secret of life?
Available worldwide
Bruce H. Lipton on Using Thoughts to Control GenesInspirations
56 minutes
Learning how to use your thoughts and perceptions to turn on and off genetic markers is one of the biggest breakthroughs in science today. Groundbreaking cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton explores this remarkable possibility, ...
Available worldwide
[#5] Healing with the Source Field - Part 1 Wisdom Teachings
31 minutes
In this episode, David Wilcock focuses on how we can harness the universal energy that makes DNA to use it for healing and to protect ourselves from the negative thoughts of others.
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Bruce Lipton on Spontaneous EvolutionConscious Media Network
54 minutes
Bruce Lipton, author of Spontaneous Evolution, looks at the evolution of the species as a whole. If each of us is a community of trillions of cells, how do we respond to the stimuli of our time as a global community? Dr. ...
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Bruce Lipton on the Biology of BeliefConscious Media Network
53 minutes
Bruce Lipton’s work indicates that attitude and environment, seldom our genes, dictate the quality of our health. The agendas that control our state of health reside in the subconscious mind and Dr. Lipton says that a little ...
Available worldwide
[#6] Healing with the Source Field - Part 2 Wisdom Teachings
31 minutes
David Wilcock further explores the energetic nature of the DNA molecule through reincarnation and the formation of life in extreme environments.
Available worldwide
The Evolution of Consciousness
68 minutes
Carter Phipps, executive editor of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, interviews integral philosopher Steve McIntosh on the evolution of consciousness.
Only available in Canada, United States
Rewriting the Genetic Code with Dr. Mario MartinezInspirations
57 minutes
They say age ain’t nothing but a number. So, what if 90 were the new 50? And what if we could completely rewrite our own genetic code?
Available worldwide

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david6, posted on September 1, 2013

Thanks GAIAM for great movies. Johan is so right. Some way of getting lists up in GAIAM TV that are in numerical order would be fantastic. Conversations for series by just one interviewer or subject such as Wisdom Teachings would also be helpful. It is great value to see as soon as possible which movies are world-wide viewing. It's interesting and challenging being in a global community with an America that is such a role model and so many American movies are only for Americans and Canadians. Americans will do well to shift from global domination to global sharing. GAIAM TV is helping lead the way!

johan.laotzu, posted on June 3, 2013

Hi David

If you mention to check out the first 6 episodes of wisdom teachings, it would be useful to have somewhere on this website a CHRONOLOGICAL arrangement of all the wisdom teaching episodes. Otherwise it seams almost impossible to find out which ones you mean, since in the description of the episodes there is no order number neither a precise dat they were put on the website.
Thanks and well done for the brilliant work!

Dbert43, posted on May 24, 2013

This makes sense to me. I believe Dr Lipton has discovered a very important physiology. This knowledge will change my way of looking after myself and my loved ones. How helpful this would have been 50 plus years ago when I went into training to be a nurse. However , the time is now to change.
Thank you

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