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I love the outdoors, and spend a good portion of my life extending my respect and gratitude to the outdoors and those who seek it. My free time is spent hiking with my family, trail running, mountain biking, skiing, cross country skiing, cycling and solo exploring. The activities I participate in all involve a form of meditation combined with physical activity; a meditation in motion. These meditations are typically practiced in serene and scenic areas that enable the mind to reflect and contemplate. Not only do you personally gain a new perspective, but you interact with others in a more positive and enlightened state. Athletic discipline requires total concentration, but also provides a sense of calmness and expansion of the mind. The unique emotions experienced while exercising in the outdoors allow you to open your eyes to new horizons. Yoga is an extension of this perspective, as it releases tension in your muscles, invites attention to breath, and prepares your body for a meditative state. Yoga is not something that must be practiced in a studio or group setting; it can be part of everyday life, whether at work, on the road or at home. This is the reason I fell in love with Gaia! Start your FREE 10 Day Trial with Gaia!

Titles In This Collection

Open Minds:  Video
Patrick Flanagan on Tesla TechnologyOpen Minds
57 minutes
Learn the latest information about technology created by Nikola Tesla.
Available worldwide
Yoga for Athletic Integration
25 minutes
Complement your workout regimen with this flowing series.
Available worldwide
Gregg Braden on Deep Truths RevealedInspirations
105 minutes
In this in-depth and important conversation, Lisa Garr talks with Gregg Braden about the crises facing humankind today, the outmoded thinking that is preventing us from dealing with these crises, and the heart-based solutions ...
Available worldwide
Yoga for Athletes Mini Workouts
5 Episodes
Boost performance in running, tennis, golf, cycling and swimming, as well as in everyday physical activity.
Outdoor Fitness with Tina Vindum
73 Episodes
Join Fitness expert Tina Vindum as she offers simple techniques to getting fit by using what is just right outside your front door.
Yoga for Athletic Recovery
33 minutes
Give your muscles rest for optimal performance.
Available worldwide
Yoga for Runners with Gwen Lawrence
59 minutes
Slip off your running shoes, step on the mat and avoid injuries.
Available worldwide
Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Headstand
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
15 Episodes
Discover the proper alignment for successful headstands.
Yoga Now
Rodney Yee Mariel Hemingway
5 Episodes
Get the body you were always meant to have.

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