Healthy Pregnancy

With a baby on board, pregnancy creates unique challenges to your yoga practice. Gaia has brought together a prenatal yoga video collection to help you navigate the changes in your body and modify your poses to maintain your practice and have a healthy pregnancy.

Titles In This Collection

Expecting a Child
13 Episodes
No two pregnancies are alike and sometimes it can help to learn from others who have navigated the myriad of pitfalls to embrace the single most joyous moment of their lives. We take a look into the lives of several women who are in different stages of pregnancy.
Gentle Birth Choices
52 minutes
Childbirth is a normal and natural process that women have been doing since the dawn of humanity. Today, natural childbirth, with medical assistance when necessary, is becoming more prevalent and Barbara Harper, R.N. presents ...
Available worldwide
Growing Green Babies – Prenatal
33 minutes
Sustainable lifestyle experts share tips and info on how to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. Before your baby is born, learn about organic food, natural beauty products, creating a green nursery, and finding a ...
Available worldwide
Simple Steps to A Balanced Natural Pregnancy
8 Episodes
Create a balanced, natural pregnancy. Sharing her own personal journey as an expectant mother, Dr. Andrea Pennington, a nationally-recognized wellness expert and respected physician, explores firsthand the world of natural alternatives for pregnancy, labor and delivery. She also offers advice on ...
Prenatal Yoga
4 Episodes
Safe before childbirth, targeting the muscles used in labor, delivery and caring for baby.
Gentle Prenatal Flow
39 minutes
In this Gentle Prenatal Flow yoga class, Jennifer Wolfe More guides you through a calming practice, helping you to get in touch with your changing body to find comfort and prepare for childbirth. This class brings balance to ...
Available worldwide
Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
57 minutes
Whether you're a yoga veteran in search of an active yoga routine, or you're new to yoga, Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer More gives you all the tools to make your pregnancy journey the best it can be. Prenatal Vinyasa ...
Available worldwide
Buff Moms to Be - Prenatal Workout Video
Sue Fleming, Raquel Feder
3 Episodes
A complete prenatal workout designed to keep moms-to-be fit and feeling great.

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