How Ancient Wisdom Benefits Us Today

Glean inspiration from Ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations, the spirituality of pagan Europe, and Buddhism and Hinduism offer us wisdom from their ancient teachings. As we gain a deeper understanding of our modern world, the past still walks with us. There is so much for us to learn about the ancient world and the discoveries they made.

Titles In This Collection

Mythic Journeys
97 minutes
Every human being has asked the questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here? In our attempts to answer, we discover there is more truth in myths than in fact. We look at the stories we tell ourselves and come to ...
Available worldwide
Celtic Myths – Magic and Kings
50 minutes
We travel through time and across the Celtic lands to learn of great kings and powerful warriors. Along the way, we gain deeper insight into the minds of the ancient Celtic people and discover their influence on us, today.
Only available in Canada, United States
Open Minds:  Video
Michael Tellinger on Secrets of Lost CivilizationsOpen Minds
58 minutes
Michael Tellinger, author, scientist, explorer, has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa.
Available worldwide
Guides and Gurus
13 Episodes
Traditional medicine has been around for as long as humankind has. Healers trained in these arts know how to connect with Mother Earth, how to listen to plants, and how to discover the maladies afflicting the people they serve. Join us as we explore their varying healings styles and the ancient ...
Dragon Quest: Sacred Sites of Britain
50 minutes
All across the British Isles thousands of stone monuments and circles dot the landscape along the path of the dragon. Explore the sacred symbolism and mythology associated with magical sites from Stonehenge and Avebury to ...
Available worldwide
Dragons & Rings Reality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal
51 minutes
Rings of ancient stone circles pepper the countryside of the UK and Europe, like jagged dragon teeth. Prepare to step into the world of magic, mystery and myth as Steve Mitchell reveals the truth about ancient stone monuments, ...
Available worldwide
Celtic Oracles (Dr. Rosemarie Anderson)Thinking Allowed
24 minutes
Embrace life with the Celts as we explore the mythology and culture of these early European people and their influence on the modern west.
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Michael Tsarion on the Emerging FeminineConscious Media Network
58 minutes
Michael Tsarion and Regina sit down to talk to about the emerging feminine. In this interview, Michael provides a deep look at the suppression of women throughout history. There is a growing need for the feminine to come to ...
Available worldwide
In the Footsteps of Isis
73 minutes
A pure visual meditation along the ancient Egyptian temples, with personal reflections from the Book of Coming Forth by Light
Available worldwide
The Cross of Thoth: The Hidden Truth to Mankind's Most Revered SymbolReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
65 minutes
Lost in the thread of time, an incredible discovery has emerged from the dust of ages. Chrichton Miller reveals the hidden truth to mankind's most revered symbol to be an ancient instrument designed to unlock mysteries that ...
Available worldwide
Legend of the Serpent: The Biggest Religious Cover Up in HistoryReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
67 minutes
Evidence is being uncovered that suggests serpents were revered and worshiped all over the globe, and may have led to the foundation for many religions of the world. Philip Gardiner expounds upon the vast amount of evidence ...
Available worldwide
Secret Societies and Sacred Stones: From Mecca to MegalithsReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
60 minutes
From Mecca to Megaliths and stone circles, stones trace the history of mankind. In this unique film we uncover the secrets of the stones with a group of experts who share the sacred use of stone from the origin of ritualized ...
Available worldwide

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