Integrative Health

The human body is an intricate machine, with all systems communicating around the clock. In Gaia's integrative health collection, we focus on integrative treatments that tend to the person, not the problem. Featuring natural remedies such as homeopathy, alternative medicine and holistic health, this enlightening collection provides you with natural, integrative ways to cure what ails.

Titles In This Collection

The Healing Within
52 minutes
To mitigate the stress of modern life, two doctors set up unusual rehab programs, based on exercise, diet and meditation.
Available worldwide
The Truth About Gluten and Dairy (Dr. John Douillard, D.C.)
59 minutes
Is giving up gluten and dairy just a fad? John Douillard separates the myths from the facts.
Available worldwide
Oz Garcia‘s Simple Steps to Take Off 10 Years
2 Episodes
Internationally renowned nutritionist Oz Garcia offers 5 simple steps to make you look and feel 10 years younger
Staying Well Through the Seasons with Traditional Chinese Medicine
6 Episodes
Dr. Miranda Wiley offers an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and discusses the role of each organ associated with the seasons.
Energetic Synthesis of Being with Dain HeerInspirations
59 minutes
Can you help your body heal itself? Absolutely, according to Dain Heer, the creator of an energetic healing process that helps you use your intuition to feel better.
Available worldwide
Health Solutions for Stress Relief – Long-term Solutions
65 minutes
The natural and balanced long-term solutions in this program from Dr. James Rouse will help you manage stress more healthfully with lifelong ways to set up your internal environment, identify your own stressors and much more.
Available worldwide
Health Solutions for Stress Relief – Short-term Solutions
25 minutes
The fast-acting short-term solutions in this program from Dr. James Rouse will help you manage typical daily acute-stress situations more effectively and healthfully.
Available worldwide
Basics of Ayurveda
7 minutes
John Douillard introduces Aryurveda – the science of life – an ancient Indian method of achieving health and balance.
Available worldwide
Traditional Chinese Medicine
51 minutes
Traditional Chinese medicine is, without a doubt, a central part of Chinese culture – and now, therefore, a central part of world culture.
Only available in Canada, United States
The Inside Scoop on Healing with Dr. Hyla CassInspirations
58 minutes
Looking for guidance on combining the best of mainstream and natural medicine? Dr. Hyla Cass, acclaimed integrative medicine expert, shares the tools you need to take charge of your health.
Available worldwide
Full-Spectrum Cancer Therapy with James ForsytheHealing Matrix
61 minutes
Can you reverse cancer? Integrative medical oncologist Dr. James Forsythe explains how he uses traditional, complementary and alternative therapies to fight the disease.
Available worldwide
Norm Shealy on Freedom from Chronic PainInspirations
87 minutes
In this in-depth and remarkable conversation, Lisa Garr talks with neurosurgeon and holistic health pioneer Dr. Norm Shealy about his innovative work in holistic health, pain management and the emerging field of energy medicine.
Available worldwide

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