Into a New Future

Current advances of technology have woven the world together with a web of communication that never before existed. We are entering new era of information availability and mankind has reached a new level of enlightenment. This is just the beginning of our journey. As new technology is put to use, our existing models of socioeconomic and political order become obsolete. In this collection we look at these scientific advances and the expected dramatic effects on economy, politics, and spirituality.

Titles In This Collection

The Future of Humanity Part 1Mind Shift
67 minutes
If we are to ensure the future of humanity, we must adapt to our ever transforming world and radically change how our economy affects the environment. To better grasp what lies ahead, Daniel Pinchbeck talks with three ...
Available worldwide
Open Minds:  Video
Scanning the Future with Philip K. Dick featuring Anthony PeakeOpen Minds
57 minutes
Every so often, a visionary comes into our world with the ability to transform the ways we perceive our reality. One such person is renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick. , Anthony Peake illuminates the life, mind and ...
Available worldwide
The Science of the Future with Patrick FlanaganInspirations
42 minutes
Microcluster technology, MegaHydration and Nubian Titanium Alloy Pyramids: these are just a few of the remarkable discoveries research scientist Patrick Flanagan has made in his lifetime.
Available worldwide
The Future Is Now!
92 minutes
In this entertaining docudrama, a journalist (Liane Balaban) meets “Man of Today” (Paul Ahmarani), an ordinary citizen who is disengaged from greater society. As an experiment to see if she can turn his pessimistic view ...
Only available in United States
The Future of Humanity Part 2Mind Shift
40 minutes
Howard Bloom and Richard Smoley join Daniel Pinchbeck to discuss the evolutionary nature of human consciousness. Their discourse on mankind’s intuitive and cognitive faculties range from atheism and science to spirituality and ...
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Ian Wagge about Our Technological FutureConscious Media Network
38 minutes
What does our technological future look like? Regina speaks with Ian Wagge, a Futurist who assists corporations in assessing the changes they need to prepare for to keep pace with the ever changing and ever more competitive ...
Available worldwide
Beyond Belief:  Video
The Future of Space Exploration with Robert ZimmermanBeyond Belief
31 minutes
We are on the forefront of a new technological horizon as private companies compete with governments for a stake in our future in space. Since the 1960s, we have come a long way in developing space technology, but we have just ...
Available worldwide
Open Minds:  Video
Emergence of the New Human with Jim SelfOpen Minds
57 minutes
Now, more than ever, it’s becoming vitally important that humanity reach a new level of consciousness. Spiritual development leader Jim Self explains how we can prepare for this in a time when we are all desperately in need of ...
Available worldwide
The New Future of Art and ScienceMind Shift
59 minutes
Since time immemorial, art has the pervasive power to influence attitudes and opinions. In more recent times, science has come forward as the primary architect of the world we now live. Carter Cleveland and John Petersen ...
Available worldwide
Limits Of Science
57 minutes
The sum of scientists working in laboratories worldwide today is greater than the sum of all the scientists who have existed throughout history – 90% of the researchers civilization has ever known are working right now. How ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
161 minutes
Director Peter Joseph presents a feature length documentary that presents a case for us to move out of the economic and political systems that are failing the vast majority of people, world-wide. This is a call to build a new ...
Only available in Canada, United States
84 minutes
We may be quick to blame secret organizations, greedy corporations and corrupt politicians for the state of the environment and economy. The harsh truth is that we are evolving and taking the world with us. There is hope, if ...
Available worldwide

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