Semper Sarah's "Just Roll with It" Collection

Sarah Plummer has created a special collection to complement the "Just Roll with It" seminars and coaching. These yoga videos offer a home practice and learning space to teach you to roll with your circumstances and love your life! Sarah Plummer, founder of, is a University of Virginia graduate, author, former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, and Military Olympic Athlete who is on a mission to empower those who have experienced trauma or difficult life events to "just roll with it." Through Sarah's expertise as a registered yoga instructor, certified holistic health coach, and battle-tested leader, she powerfully inspires, instructs, and equips audiences to roll with any challenge life throws at them. Sarah has survived a host of traumatic events herself. Yet, Sarah's message is one of hope; she encourages her audiences to see obstacles as opportunities, turn tragedy into triumph,and be healthy in order to heal. Try Gaia with your FREE trial!

Titles In This Collection

Morning Kundalini
20 minutes
Wake up every cell in your body with this energizing morning practice.
Available worldwide
AM Yoga For Beginners AM & PM Yoga for Beginners
22 minutes
Rodney Yee guides you through a flowing morning yoga practice designed to increase circulation, improve mobility and center your mind.
Available worldwide
Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga
5 Episodes
One of Yoga Journal’s favorite cover models and a YouTube yoga sensation, Kathryn Budig teaches yoga with joyful energy and a can-do confidence that will motivate and inspire you. Series features two full-length vinyasa flows plus a 10-minute guide to five popular poses.
Mandy Ingber‘s Yogalosophy
6 Episodes
Yoga meets toning to sculpt sleek muscles with Mandy Inber's Yogalosophy.
Peak Performance Yoga
3 Episodes
Learn to listen to your body and still your mind so you can safely and gently turn the tide of aging and recover your body’s natural ability to heal itself with Peak Performance Yoga.
Heart of Gold Flow
42 minutes
Experience the emotional benefits of opening your heart.
Available worldwide
Yogi‘s Toolbox: Sun Salutations
3 Episodes
Learn the finer points of sun salutations.
Vinyasa Flow: The Poses Between the Poses
57 minutes
Explore the art of the transition between yoga poses.
Available worldwide

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