Shadows of the Knights Templar

From their humble beginnings in the early 12th century, the power of Knights Templar rose to epic proportions over 200 years and then their reign was put to an end. Their mystique and intrigue persisted through the centuries with rumors that the order never ceased. Many believe that the Knights Templar are alive and well, hiding within organizations ranging from the Masons to elite banking cartels. In this collection we examine the history of the Knights Templar and the explore influence they still have, today.

Titles In This Collection

The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering the Hidden World of the Knights TemplarReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
59 minutes
Some say that Rosslyn Chapel is a simple place of worship; others believe that it holds the secrets of the Knights Templar. Esoteric mystery persistently surrounds this enigmatic place. Brian J. Allan explains the history the ...
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CMN:  Video
Mark Pinkham on the Knights TemplarConscious Media Network
48 minutes
Mark Pinkham defines the divergent paths that the Knights Templars took a couple of centuries ago, which has resulted in great confusion in the minds of the public. Today, the Gnostic Templars are resurrecting the original ...
Available worldwide
Order of the Alchemists: The Knights of Malta and CagliostroReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
56 minutes
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is just as old as the Knights Templar, and stems from the same roots. Philip Gardiner guides us through the creation of the history of the order, revealing the occult and sinister forces ...
Available worldwide
The Real Bloodline of Jesus Christ: The Sacred Teachings of Tim Wallace-MurphyReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
59 minutes
Tim Wallace-Murphy is an international bestselling author known throughout the world for his deep knowledge of Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, and Rex Deus - the real bloodline of Jesus Christ. In this unique interview he ...
Available worldwide
Open Minds:  Video
Mystery of the Templars with Freddy SilvaOpen Minds
57 minutes
The origin of the Knights Templar has just as much political intrigue and mystery as the rest of its history, real or contrived. Freddy Silva, best-selling author of First Templar Nation, exposes the Knights’ greatest and ...
Available worldwide
Secret Societies and Sacred Stones: From Mecca to MegalithsReality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
60 minutes
From Mecca to Megaliths and stone circles, stones trace the history of mankind. In this unique film we uncover the secrets of the stones with a group of experts who share the sacred use of stone from the origin of ritualized ...
Available worldwide
New Jerusalem: Sacred Geometry, Knights Templar, Freemasons and the Creation of Heaven on Earth Invisible College
55 minutes
Gilbert discusses how Freemasonry, Knights Templar and Druids used sacred geometry and astronomy to construct many of their sacred sites. The ancient Kings of Britain, who saw themselves as the sons of David, set themselves ...
Available worldwide
The Knights Templar
4 Episodes
This documentary series tells the full history of one of the most extraordinary organizations the world has ever seen: the warrior monks called the Knights Templar.

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